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  • Visceral Games Closing, Star Wars Title Heads to EA Montreal - News

    So EA forces them to fuck up the Dead Space franchise, then kills them off. Fuck you, EA. I wish there were something I could do other than continue to avoid buying any of their products. It's very frustrating to see their games continue to sell well and make money despite all their overly greedy and incredibly destructive behavior.

    I was worried this game may have tempted me to break my boycott. Well, guess I have nothing to fear at this point.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega - Omega Prestige: Prestige Should Be Fun, Not Mandatory -

    The PC version went from a shit game to a fantastic one, though now it seems as though they've looped completely around and started over again. Maybe the game is just trying to increase its own prestige level!
  • Dark Souls

    The world and lore are well-made, well-written, and incredibly deep. It's also not spoon fed to you with cut scenes like most games these days, and leaves just enough ambiguity for people to fill in the blanks. 

    The atmosphere in the games (and Bloodborne) is incredible. There's an amazing attention to detail, and the environments reward being observant. 

    The enemies are well designed, and range from imposing figures in layers of plate to apparitions Kronenberg would be proud of. Bloodborne takes the latter up a notch and pits you against monstrosities which would make a shoggoth balk. 

    For the most part (fuck you Sen's Fortress) the challenge is fair. Cheap deaths are generally avoided. If you die it's because you messed up, for the most part. 

    Quests are presented simply through dialogue, and there are no indicators of which NPC might have one, and when. Keeping track of them is entirely up to you. Some can be completed in different ways, but this is determined by your actions, not by some mundane choice in a dialogue wheel. 

    NPCs are varied and for the most part well fleshed out, having their own backstories and motivations. Almost all of them will react differently based on your progress through the game, and the choices you've made. You can even just kill and loot them if you wish. 

    Though the last two games are more linear, they all offer plenty of opportunities for exploration. Doing so will reward you with lore, loot, and optional bosses to fight (for their lore and loot, of course!). There are also many shortcuts to discover which, given the respawning enemies, can be a Godsend. 

    As for the combat, the Souls games do reward a slower, more reactionary and timing-based style. Dark Souls 3 does speed it up a bit, and introduced various special attacks. Bloodborne's combat is MUCH faster and actively encourages being aggressive, though recklessness will still send you back to the Hunter's Dream very quickly. Leveling up basically just gives you more room for error, your skill remains the most important thing. Even the weak foes from the starting areas can pose a threat if you're not careful. 

    They're just good games made by people who actually give a shit about what they're doing. 

  • World of Warcraft - Five Interesting Things About v7.3 'Shadows of Argus' -

    There are so many better games out there, people need to let this bloated unimaginative beast die. Blizzard is just milking people now.

    Agreed. Unimaginative landscapes and grindy content seem to be par for the course now, as well as completely insipid storylines. Oh, and content lifted from Diablo 3. I almost punched my monitor when they lifted 'The Butcher' from D3 in WoD. Exact same fight, and he even spouts some of the same fucking lines during the fight. Sorry, but I'm not paying $15 / month for rehashed, recycled, lazy, unoriginal crap like that. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I expect a company to EARN my money.
  • What's Your Most Wanted Game in 2017? - General Columns

    Warframe: Plains of Eidolon and the new Horizon Zero Dawn DLC for this year. Shadow of War got dropped to 'buy the discounted version with all DLC in a year' due to bullshit microtransactions. I also might pick up Absolver, though only if the single player experience and co-op are sufficiently robust, since I don't really care for PvP.

    Next year is all about Monster Hunter World though. It just looks so damn epic. Finally I can play MH on a screen bigger than a couple of inches. The new God of War looks like a winner to me as well. Also, while it hasn't been more than vaguely hinted at, I'm hoping to see Bloodborne 2. While it bills itself as an ARPG, I consider it to be one of the best horror games of all time. That game and Horizon have, to me, justified the cost of my PS4 Pro all on their own.
    I'd love Bloodborne 2 but From Software has made it completely clear that they are working on a new IP. But I'm sure we'll see more of it, that IP is just too awesome to retire. 
    They also said they were working on something for an existing IP as well. And since we know Dark Souls isn't going to be getting another installment for quite some time, that leaves either Armored Core (would love a new AC game TBH) or Bloodborne, though I suppose King's Field can't be ruled out either, even if that series basically 'evolved' into Demon's / Dark Souls. But given that Bloodborne's sales greatly exceeded expectations within a month or two of release, I think it's safe to say it'll be getting a sequel.