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  • PUBG and Fortnite – The Drama Continues - General Columns

    Sounds like someone is trying to avoid paying all the royalties they owe...
  • Why are not more people playing this game here ?

    Because full loot OWPvP + class, skills, and abilities primarily determined by gear = Really, really stupid design. 

    Also, changing the pricing model from F2P to B2P relatively late into development just screams, "Oh crap, we need more money!", which is never a good sign.
  • Dark Souls

    The world and lore are well-made, well-written, and incredibly deep. It's also not spoon fed to you with cut scenes like most games these days, and leaves just enough ambiguity for people to fill in the blanks. 

    The atmosphere in the games (and Bloodborne) is incredible. There's an amazing attention to detail, and the environments reward being observant. 

    The enemies are well designed, and range from imposing figures in layers of plate to apparitions Kronenberg would be proud of. Bloodborne takes the latter up a notch and pits you against monstrosities which would make a shoggoth balk. 

    For the most part (fuck you Sen's Fortress) the challenge is fair. Cheap deaths are generally avoided. If you die it's because you messed up, for the most part. 

    Quests are presented simply through dialogue, and there are no indicators of which NPC might have one, and when. Keeping track of them is entirely up to you. Some can be completed in different ways, but this is determined by your actions, not by some mundane choice in a dialogue wheel. 

    NPCs are varied and for the most part well fleshed out, having their own backstories and motivations. Almost all of them will react differently based on your progress through the game, and the choices you've made. You can even just kill and loot them if you wish. 

    Though the last two games are more linear, they all offer plenty of opportunities for exploration. Doing so will reward you with lore, loot, and optional bosses to fight (for their lore and loot, of course!). There are also many shortcuts to discover which, given the respawning enemies, can be a Godsend. 

    As for the combat, the Souls games do reward a slower, more reactionary and timing-based style. Dark Souls 3 does speed it up a bit, and introduced various special attacks. Bloodborne's combat is MUCH faster and actively encourages being aggressive, though recklessness will still send you back to the Hunter's Dream very quickly. Leveling up basically just gives you more room for error, your skill remains the most important thing. Even the weak foes from the starting areas can pose a threat if you're not careful. 

    They're just good games made by people who actually give a shit about what they're doing. 

  • 'No Planned Future Patches for Single-Player' - Mass Effect: Andromeda -

    Torval said:

    Phry said:

    ME:A effectively killed the series, whether or not Bioware Montreal was entirely to blame is moot point, the game was plagued, and still is for that matter, with bad animations, and poor writing, you could even say that the failure of ME:A draws some parallels to the ill fated 'new' Ghostbusters movie, where they diverged from the tenets of the original 'IP' and were poorly written, to give EA some credit, while Bioware Montreal is no more, they did salvage what they could. :/

    I like the new Ghostbusters. I found it hilarious and like the parallels the SNL cast members brought.

    There was absolutely nothing good about that movie. Not one single fucking thing. It's the cinematic equivalent of dangling shiny objects in front of someone's face; a momentary distraction for the simple-minded and easily amused folks.

    Kind of how ME:A compares to the previous three games, actually. Shiny and new, but ultimately devoid of any of the substance which made its predecessors so great, so loved, and so cherished.
  • What's Next for Azeroth & WoW? - World of Warcraft Columns

    lahnmir said:

    SBFord said:

    They are NOT carrying over the artifact weapons?  What common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary weapons are better than artifact weapons???  LOL  I mean seriously, what is better than Ashbringer?

    From what they've said, the appearance of your artifact will carry over for transmog, just not the weapon itself.

    And this, this right here is the reason I am done with WoW. Farms in Pandaria? Cancelled in the next expansion. Garrisons in WoD? Cancelled in the next expansion. Artifact weapons in Legion? Cancelled in the next expansion. Every single expansion they add a mechanic they just as easily abandon when the next expansion releases. They reset everything completely every single time and there really isn't any progress, coherence or proper achievement left that carries over. Except for some stupid title or mount, give me back my farm ffs, I want diverse GAMEPLAY to be the achievement, not yet another pet or whatever.


    Agreed. Subsequent expansions should be expanding on and improving the non-combat content from the previous ones, not throwing it out and making all that time spent irrelevant. Right now grinding up anything is just a waste of time, since it won't matter come the next expack.

    Lore-wise, if they make Jaina a villain, I won't ever even consider playing the game again.