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  • All 3.0 Fan Footage here

    Yeeeee a flying simulator with absolute nothing to do.
    Good job.
  • Most atmospheric games

    Elite Dangerous.

    Exploring thousands of light years away from closest colony really makes you feel all alone out in the dark.
  • Do we really need old school?

    It has been so many talks about old school this old school that how good it was back then compare to today.
    I guess It was for you back then, It might have been your first MMO or second one you fell in love with, you really enjoyed it all due to it was new and strange, you played your game for many years during your teens.

    Fast forward today.

    You write fondly how It were better in the old days, how community were formed and you really loath today's gaming industry because they are like fast food, you really can't find your game, you know that feeling you had in your room when you were 14, you try every MMOs that comes out yet that feeling don't come.

    You start your crusade on gaming sites that you want MMOs to go back to old school just like when you started out when you got the first kiss of gaming, how "hard" it was how "elite" it was, not like young punks today, they don't know shit how it was in the old days.

    Of course it were better in the old days, it were your first or second MMO, you have fond memories back then how much fun you had how much fun you had in groups because groups were needed, and most important thing you had time to play them.

    Yes I had fun times in UO althou only played for a month due to had a crappy work and low salary, and yes I loved EQ for a year, took  a break and started beta test ww2online and enjoyed it but got stuck in EVE Online in 03 to 07 and did skipped WoW to play EQ2.

    I don't miss the old days, not at all, I find some of the new games really great, do I miss the old times in EQ? HELL NO, they sucked ass they were fun BACK THEN not now.

    Fond memories yes, you wont get the same feeling even if a MMO gets released with every feature you wanted, It's still not the same thing.

  • Ten Years of Mass Effect - Mass Effect: Andromeda Videos -

    It all started with Dragon Age 2, before that farse of a game came, Bioware did fantastic games. The year before DA2, came ME2 and for me that was the last great game they made, DA2 kinda marked the ending of a great studio. I can celebrate Mass Effect 1 and 2 :D