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    EA shut off real money purchases for the time being. I'm sure Disney told them to end this for now. https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/17/16670758/star-wars-battlefront-2-issues-disney-ea

     I mean there is a new movie coming out next month, they aren't going let some little company like EA ruin their franchise over such a debacle. Maybe Disney should consider removing EA as the sole licensee, because to be honest they suck.

  • Do we really need old school?

    It wasn't so much the games themselves. but the communities is what we miss...... I made more friends in one game (EQ) than I have in all other games combined.....While the slow play was hated by some, those of us that played from the beginning loved it and talked to all kinds of people and made alot of in game friends....Today most games are solo quest/solo play and you dont need to chat or ask anyone for anything....While the graphics and quality of the games themsleves may be better today, the multiplayer aspect is severely lacking.
    The community you remember is never coming back. Fewer and fewer of the older Gen X people play, and the millennial and post millennial crowd run the show in online games. They like troll, spout random offensive garbage in global chat to see who they can trigger, and generally don't care who they offend which forces most of the rest of us to just block them and everyone out and not talk to anyone. I remember back in the day we had a few in my SWG guild and they didn't mesh will with any of us.

    You used to be able to meet some random player out in the middle of nowhere and group up and work together, strike up a conversation and become friends. These days you either get yelled at for helping like you are trying to kills steal, or they just run off without even a FU after you help them.

    Guilds in most MMOs just aren't the same as they were either, it's too political and people tend to stay in their own little cliches, even within the guild. It's just not the same anymore.
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  • Black Desert Mobile Combat Trailer - Furious & Flashy Fighting - Black Desert Online Videos - MMORPG

    Mensur said:

    Tired of mobile autoplay games.

    Well it doesn't help that some people have crappy mobile devices still or are terrible at playing on them so they are forced to create mechanics that allow the gameplay to more viable to larger audience. Otherwise the complaints you get are....

    "I can't see the screen because my fingers are fat-make it playable for everyone"

    "laggy movement button response input-game sux"

    "cracked screen prevents me from using one spell key-are you gonna buy me a new screen so I can actually play?"
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    M4zak said:
    Racist website :(
    Take it up with anet, not MMORPG.com. They may very well have a contest for other regions in the future; cool your jets.