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  • Knights of the Frozen Throne to Launch August 10th - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Hearthstone is a true classic game, but I haven't felt the urge to play in awhile. I skipped the last adventure, and not having those cards made me not feel competitive. Then I thought- should I really be spending $20 whenever they feel like releasing an adventure to stay competitive? I know there are no adventures this year but that last adventure is still active, and I can't justify purchasing it.

    Maybe I've just played it out. I was totally addicted to this game for a year straight and had tons of fun playing it. But the adventure thing and the latest themes they've introduced felt very forced (like Quest Rogue).

    Maybe this next expansion will change my mind and I'll try it out again. Definitely a great game to play with your girlfriend, and a great game to watch on twitch and laugh at the absurdity of the RNG happening to someone else.
  • (theory) The MMO community overall is driving more and more people to want a solo only experience

    I disagree.  The games create the atmosphere.  If grouping is encouraged and rewarded, people are naturally going to be nicer to eachother (because they need them, just like in real life). 

    Recent MMOs do not do this.  You can't even trade in BDO and there is no group content.  BnS has nice group content, but it's all instanced and you warp to it, so by the time you could strike up a conversation, assuming you wanted to, the instance is over and you never see the other players again.

    In any case, I call total BS on any idea that "this new generation" is a bunch of good-for-nothings.  That's a theme that's persisted through history and has never been true.
  • Black Desert Developer Acquires Nettention Who's Specialized in Game Servers

     If they could manage to get good server performance, it would really help this game a ton.  The graphics are great but the pop-in and lag ruin the feel of it.
  • Whatcha playing? (July 2017)

    zzax said:
    Playing SMITE once per week or so. Theres no MMO worth my time currently.

    Nice.  SMITE is a classic that often flies under the radar.
  • Dark and Light - Early Access Impressions - It's Rough Right Now, But There's Hope - MMORPG.com

    Daakkon said:

    This should've been an MMO and it needs more time in the oven. I'd still probably buy it when it's more fleshed out but, i'm still disappointed in their decision to make it a survival game.

    Yeah I was waiting for a few reviews before considering jumping in, but this was my fear. I still have yet to buy and play a survival game, despite it being the new trend. Came real close to getting Conan, but it seemed to go nowhere. I think it could be done right, but they all seem like easy cash grabs that stay in "early access" forever.