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  • Free Weekend Incoming From September 22-25 - Overwatch - MMORPG.com

    Easily the best online game released in the last 2 years, if not ever. You owe it to yourself to try it out if you haven't already. Come join the fun.
  • Animated Short - Watch Mei 'Rise and Shine' - Overwatch Videos - MMORPG.com

    Hmm, I think this animated short captures the spirit of Mei a bit better

  • Steelseries Rival 310: True 1-to-1 Tracking? - MMORPG.com

    saltyd said:

    Still has too much of that cheap plastic rubber padding for my tastes. As soon as the oils from your hand start to break that stuff down it just gets disgusting.

    I really wish mouse manufacturers would stop using that garbage.

    I loved the feel of the sides of my razer deathadder with the rubber, but not so much when they fell off due to use.

    This true motion sensor is pretty interesting to me especially since I'm looking for a new mouse for Overwatch (because my mouse is missing rubber sides like I mentioned). I will look into this.
  • (theory) The MMO community overall is driving more and more people to want a solo only experience

    I disagree.  The games create the atmosphere.  If grouping is encouraged and rewarded, people are naturally going to be nicer to eachother (because they need them, just like in real life). 

    Recent MMOs do not do this.  You can't even trade in BDO and there is no group content.  BnS has nice group content, but it's all instanced and you warp to it, so by the time you could strike up a conversation, assuming you wanted to, the instance is over and you never see the other players again.

    In any case, I call total BS on any idea that "this new generation" is a bunch of good-for-nothings.  That's a theme that's persisted through history and has never been true.
  • We Paid to Win & Lost - MMORPG.com

    Sovrath said:

    Elvoc said:

    This is a sad truth, really miss the days of the Everquest and WOW pay plans where it was one payment a month and you knew what you were getting and you didn't pay again until a major release of content came out and then you paid your $25 to $50 expansion fee and possibly got a free month. It was so much easier and no guess work.

    But the thing is those games helped spawn the whole "buy items for cash".

    I always saw news on Everquest where they were talking about people selling items on e-bay. So there has always been a segment of the population who were willing to purchase items/services. And companies were constantly combatting this, spending money to stop it.

    I suppose they woke up one day and realized that they were spending money to stop people from doing something that they were going to do anyway AND other companies would make money off their efforts.

    So they decided they would rather make money off their work if there was a market for it.

    This is true but the problem arises when Devs make their money off virtual items instead of selling us content. They are disincentivized to make new and fun content, and motivated to make items.

    BDO is a good example of this. More and more items added to the shop, still no group content at endgame.

    Compare this to WoW, still with its expansion and subscription model. They release metric shit-tons of content every couple years, because that's how they make money.

    It's not about "fair" or "unfair" (although certainly it is not fair to p2w), it's more about our interests as gamers looking for good games clashing with the devs new interest in making virtual items and environments where you will "need" them, rather than good games and new content.

    The Devs of BDO are making $30 for an outfit, which only takes a day or two from 1 artist to make. The Devs of Blizzard make just a little more from an expansion, but those take tons of time and manpower to make.