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  • UPDATE: Crytek Files Copyright Infringement Suit, Cloud Imperium Responds - Star Citizen News

    laxie said:
    Out of curiosity, if you are an employee of a company and mess something up (e.g. use an unlicensed image) and your company gets sued for $100k, can the cost be passed on to the employee who messed up?

    What if you are designing airplanes and make a mistake with a calculation and the plane crashes. Is the designer responsible, or the company?
    Its the company being sued, an employee has nothing to worry about if they didn't break any working rules. Its up to the company to make sure that individual mistakes can be prevented.

    If a company design procedure is so poorly done that one person making a calculation wrong cause a plane to crash the company deserves to be sued.
  • Game publisher reputation

    The publisher role on a game can differ from game to game and also depend on the relation between developer and publisher.

    When it comes to asian mmorpg a western publisher are somewhat limited on what they can do and it all depends on the license. Smaller developer gets a publisher because they lack the distribution network to sell the game and in those cases developer have full creative control over their product.

    On the other hand, when a publisher funds the development of a game they get far more control over the final product. Finally, when the developer is fully owned by the publisher it all depends how much independence they give the development studio.

    I don't choose to play games based on their publisher but for some reason I don't buy EA and activision products anymore and mostly play games coming from asian companies and indie developers.
  • Ten Years of Mass Effect - Mass Effect: Andromeda Videos -

    I enjoyed it because it was a proper scifi RPG instead of being just another fantasy RPG. The universe felt interesting with species having conflicts where it was hard to find out which species were right and which one was wrong.

    My favorite moment was meeting wrex in me3, especially since I almost got him killed in the first game. Worst was getting tali'zorah killed in me2, even more annoying since I never made a manual save throughout the game series so couldn't recover her.

    I can't comment on ME:A since I never felt like playing the game so its more like five years of mass effect for me.
  • CoE announces plan to commoditize and sell many perks individually, gets hit in face with backlash.

    OrangeBoy said:
    But, I'd like to point out that the option of dumping many of the promised features of CoE would end up making the game a generic MMORPG, something that it has stressed incessantly to differentiate itself from.
    With CoE there are some obvious features that could be cut, elyriamud, the web-based throne game and the offline version of the game. Instead of focusing on making one game they are now trying to make three different versions of the game plus the full game.

    The team behind life is feudal handled it a lot better, they made a smaller version of their game and sold it separately so that it could help fund the full version of the game. 
  • What the crap, still no Beta ETA?

    MJ spoke of them having a hard time recruiting people which was why they were going to open an office in seattle. Their original schedule was also built in fantasyland where they would be fully staffed on day 1 and no-one has a day off until release.