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  • Dark Souls

    it has an interesting progression system,
    it allows you to build different character without locking you in from the start
    weapons have different characteristics,
    it allows for some exploration
    you have a certain freedom on where to go next
    whenever you die its because you were the one doing mistake
    it doesn't have difficulty settings but it allows you to bring companions and allies to fights

    Also, I like the combat, different boss fights and controls feels good.
  • Closed Alpha Testing Begins, Are You In? - Wild West Online -

    Sovrath said:
    Wizardry said:

    Then there were some serious bugs,such bugs that it tells me they put a crappy effort if any into inside testing before getting it out to the public.Stuck /stationary horses,how could that slip by the coders?

    You and others really need to learn what pre-alpha/alpha is.

    "more effort" to erase all bugs is essentially Beta to launch.

    So yeah, if it's not "one bug" it will be another that will catch your eye. I suggest being smart about it.

    If you know it's "pre-alpha" streaming then expect "pre-alpha/alpha level of everything". done. Not hard. I'm not saying the game will be great. I am saying that one needs to actually understand what one is looking at.

    And if looking at pre-alpha/alpha footage is going to be too much to handle then don't. Again, "done". Not hard.
    When it comes down to development stages, I imagine a lake. Release date is going to be summer and pre-alpha is winter. The amount of bugs equal the coldness of water. 

    So unless you consider yourself as proud member of Polar Bear Club, don't even think about getting into early-access. You'll freeze your balls off and you wouldn't want to swim in that lake ever again, even in summertime when it's all warm and kind. 
    There are proper games in early access with genuinely interesting gameplay even in its raw form and then you have a shitload of pretenders. I can stand frozen lakes because when summer comes it will be a lake. Games like wild west online are better described as frozen polar bear poo and once unfrozen its still just poo.
  • Funcom CEO Would Like Steam Reviews to be Region-Locked - Conan Exiles -

    SBFord said:
    Maybe one way to do it would be have the default review rating / written reviews be those from your region. However, there could be a drop box, perhaps, that allows you to see a different region.

    OR -- instead of a single review rating breakdown at the top of the page, put regional ratings together:

    NA - xxx recent reviews mostly positive
            xxx overall reviews mostly positive

    CH - xxx recent reviews mostly negative
            xxx overall reviews neutral

    Or something like that. Then people could dig around and find out why there are discrepancies, if any.
    You can look for reviews ratings written in your language, handy when it comes to translations and localized games.

    The real problem here is that they are selling copies in a region where people can't play it.
  • 'v3.0 is Moving into a Phase Akin to Early Access' - Star Citizen -

    If you want to look at a role model for crowdfunding you should look at board game developers that release their products close to their estimated release date and not video game projects that run years late.
  • Ashes of Creation - 20 Minutes of PAX Gameplay

    They are much further into development than I expected, its pre-alpha so have to adjust my expectations because of that. Problem is that the gameplay they have shown me so far looks uninspiring, its not more interesting than other MMORPG and nothing in it made me think it could be awesome to play the game.

    I hope they can actually build the game that they described during kickstarter but this looked like the lazy stuff that Koreans make using Unreal engine and throw at us for free.