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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - This Update Sucks! - MMORPG.com

    SEANMCAD said:
    What was the point of bring Fortnite up for??? To me Fortnite runs circles around PUBG and you willsee that as it been growing not stop every month
    The game that came out as 'Early Access' where you paid a premium above average price for a game that is designed to be Free to Play AND within the game 'Loot Boxes' was nearly a requirement to get anywhere meaningful in the game.

    I find it ironic how I see so many complaints about 'early access' taking advantage of consumers and complaints about loot boxes but its ok if Fornite does it I suppose
    You love showing your ignorance don't you?  The Battle Royale in Fortnite is free.

  • Bluehole Poised to Reveal MMO, 'Project W', at G-Star 2017 - MMORPG.com News

    DeadSpock said:
    Waiting for Tera on PS4 they said 2017 but still no release date.
    I hope they cancel it.  It's optimized like shit on PC, can only imagine how bad it will run on Ps4
  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Horusra said:

    While over generalized the "fact" remains...that the first mobs you face are just as powerful when you are max level as when you are low level.
    Not sure if you are trolling at this point or just refusing to be wrong on the Internet, which is similar. The relative power of those mobs definitely decrease compared to yours. Pretending anything else is lying.

    Horusra said:

    I am sitting at 378 CP and all desire to play is gone because all I am doing is playing storylines cause I feel my character is not progressing.
    Either you are lying, or your character specialization REALLY sucks donkey balls. Your choice.

    ^ I think I'm done feeding the troll here, its obvious they are clueless in either of those cases.  If they are getting owned by starter zone mobs at CP 360  then they are not very bright because you can get away with pretty much anything anywhere except Craglorn for over-world.
  • Square gives the middle finger to paying veterans, again.

    It's a costume....could you BE any more "special snowflake" about this?
  • Crowfall - Constant Sorrow - MMORPG.com

    Excellent. My cousin just graduated out here at Lackland (I'm in SA) and is how off in tech school. I'm off to Goodfellow to see him Saturday and take some board games. AF isn't as hardcore as Army while you're in training, but I remember my time out that way and those first few weeks restricted to post were boring as hell. I don't expect to the AF is all that different where that's concerned.

    They put you through less training and then dump you in the same situation, it's actually worse in that way hahaha

    Ah well, I made it back in one piece so all's well that ends well I guess.