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    Gorwe said:

    Someone's a bit on the dull side eh?  Needs more WoW-style hand-holding? 

    I mean, to speak of WoW style hand holding when there's a Skyrim compass available! The audacity!

    It's actually fine. I just prefer SWTOR style by far.

    And not all classes are equally fun. With that said:

    "How would you create a Dark Mage?" Nightblade or Sorceror?

    There's a lot less freedom/options than you might think.  Sorc would be the closest thing but you will be using fire and lightning as your damage spells mostly. 

    There some sorc-specific spells that are kinda dark-magey but not really.  It's basically an elementalist.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Conundrum of Balance - MMORPG.com

    jdnewell said:
    If they would quit balancing around PvP then it would be much easier. The whole nerf cycle they have done since release has been around PvP.
    I was hoping that one day they might separate how skills work in pvp & pve. But when I played it was a constant FoTM nerf / buff cycle, which made it a constant grind a different set because the one your using now is useless.

    A decent game but they have not figured out that nerfing around pvp is not the way to balance pve.

    Also, they've made weapons so specialized that there is no build variety.  The only way to shake things up at this point is to add more weapon types that are viable alternatives to the stale runaway meta.

    The balance is so out of whack that rather than the typical 10-15% increase in efficiency meta builds in ESO are 200%+ more effective.  To make things worse ZoS just designs encounters around it rather than addressing the root issue, runaway min/maxing.  It's certainly easier to do, so I can understand their reasoning, I just don't agree with it. 
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    Been keeping an eye on Crowfall since it was first announced. Always tempted to buy into the Alpha.

    How robust is it though? What content is there? How fun is it (even while missing content)
    What content is missing? :)

    I read people telling others to buy in, while others tell them to not do it. So I'm on the fence.

    If you're looking for something playable don't bother.  I invested in it because I believe in the project but honestly the devs say it themselves, it's more test than game atm.

    There are some really cool "bones" to it if you want to hop in and get a general feel for the basic systems like crafting, gathering, etc etc but there's hardly anyone online these days.

    They recently started to run a campaign mode and I tried to jump in one weekend but there was almost nobody else around. 

    SO, right now is a good time to test/play with systems as there's not much fear of gank but don't expect to log into an epic 30 v 30 battle lol.
  • Centaur, Minotaur and Guinecean Races Revealed in New Blog - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    Alomar said:
    Very much enjoying the progression of development this year for Crowfall, all I want now is a solid beta and rat-race free servers at launch.

    I would say Beta is about a year away (estimate, no solid facts there).  They've been making incredible progress and been in this stage of alpha for about a year.

    They have mentioned launching next year but I dunno, they've done a fantastic job of not rushing things which I prefer.

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    skadad said:
    These are raidable though? since its full loot owpvp? or?