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    In White Birch their are whispers and rumors among the people that something evil is happening in Old Tucker Fortress.  They say it's been abandon for more than 40 years but the children that play along the shore of the Valley River have been seeing smoke from the big chimney and others have seen the lights glowing at night.  Could this be the source of the plague that's killing our people ?  

    Stories such as this are common in both modern and old school mmorpgs.  However taking action with the information given is much different today.    

    With old school this would be a memorable experience.  Just by reading this the player would know a major adventure is waiting.  A group would have to be assembled and a few hours would have to be devoted in solving this situation.  The group would understand careful planning would be needed by scouting from above or having a party member with experience on the quest.  

    To get deep inside Old Tucker Fortress, the group would understand a high degree of failure is most likely.  The individual player would expect this and try and try over again or devote much thought in doing it right the first time.  If a player failed they would consider this a challenge they must solve.  Even if it meant daydreaming the next day at work or school and realize "hay, I should ask a Warlock to come along".  

    Gaining experience wouldn't matter....... The challenge of tackling an imposable situation would.  All this at level 26 !  

    This is what separate's an mmorpg from just another game online...... I have to ask, can someone name at least one mmorpg ?         
    Maybe things like this happened years ago before online guides were so popular but they won't be happening in the future. The proliferation of wikis and quest guides means that after the first person figures out the optimal way to do something in game that info is spread at the speed of light to everyone else trying to do it. Blame the devs, blame the players , blame whoever you want but that is the reality in modern games. 

    You're better off looking for adventures like that in single player games. In an mmo there will always be someone in your group that has either done it before or watched a YouTube video about it so all the mystery is gone before you even get started.
  • Ready to Set Sail on March 20th - Sea of Thieves -

    Wow, 60$ for this. When it was first announced I had a great deal of interest but having been in the testing since early on I am amazed at the lack of progress, and now they want to launch it with a 60$ price tag. There is almost zero content, all you do is grab a treasure map, find the treasure and bring it back to port. You can get into PVP fights if someone finds you but thats it, theres nothing else to the game. Well you can have a beer with your crew once your back on shore but c'mon ...

    The potential this game had when announced was massive but they have narrowed the gameplay down to basically 1 activity. It's a real shame.

    Blackwake has better graphics and art style, better gameplay and customization and is 1/3 the price ...
  • How Long should playtime be?

     Clearly the answer is 42.
  • Your gaming experience your responsibility?

    It is 100% a developers responsibility to make a game fun if they want me to pay for it and play. Now what equates to fun is entirely dependent on what type of game they are making, but it is still their responsibility. If a game isn't fun I just don't buy/play it.
  • The Last Jedi Content Begins Today, More Coming Throughout the Month - Star Wars: Battlefront II - M

    I hadn't been checking the updates and was pretty surprised this morning when I was prompted to choose a side then after my 1st round I got nearly 2k credits. It's a good change IMO. I'm looking forward to the new map and single player missions.

    Controversies aside I've been enjoying this one since launch and play at least a few rounds every day and even with my mediocre FPS skills I've been able to level up my troopers abilities with no issues.