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  • Is EA going downhill since Battlefront 2???

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    Well Anthem looks very interesting to me...Actually more interesting than Destiny...Ive played both Destiny 1 and 2 but I just think the Gameplay for Anthem looks a lot better...But since the lootbox fiasco I don't know if I should trust them enough to look into buying Anthem.....
    Sorry but no, they both look like glorified shooters. 

    I get the appeal of shooters, but fuck me I played those more than 10 years ago. I want new ideas

    glorified shooters sound fun. Shoot stuff in glorious graphics, in hand-designed environments, with RPG elements and fun powers.

    Should worth at least a couple of hours of fun. 

    New ideas are way over-rated. It is about implementation and polish. Otherwise, Diablo 3 would not have sold 30M copies. 

    Plus, with all the talk here about going back to "traditional MMO" design, i thought this place hate new ideas. Otherwise, we should be all playing MOBAs and CCGs, right? Those are much newer than the traditional MMORPG concept.
    Battlefront looks to me EXACTLY like Battlefield 1942 with different skins.

    I dont understand how people are not noticing this, EA games are pure copies of the same shooter formula that has been mostly unchanged for friggin 10 years. 

    a AAA company throws in Mehcs into the same formula (Titanfall) and they act like they just invited the first hard drive.

    Where we should be going is not backwards, not to shooters with Mechs and not copying DOTA thinking its the only other option, but with crafting, building, different genres other than just fantasty there is a HUGE amount of possiblities here and to be frank AAAs are ignoring it, indies are not.
    I watched a video of 7d2d once, it looked like minecraft with different skins. 

    Maybe the reason most shooters look similar to older ones, with better art and graphics IMO, is because people actually enjoy those types of games. You don't honestly think people sit around playing games they hate because Gamespot tells them too, do you? 

    Most of the Indie games you rave about are exactly like one another as well. Gather, craft, build then pvp, same formula in most of the indie games of the last 5 years. All just reskins of eachother
    then dont complain about EA games

    to recap

    Most here: 'this is the worst era in gaming, these games are terrible'
    Me: 'this is the best era in gaming ever'

    if battlefront is what you like, then stop bitching about it. Because I dont give a fuck what you think of the games I like but if you are complaining endlessly about the games you claim to enjoy while I never complain about the games I enjoy then for the love of fuck at least try to get a clue

    LMAO, try finding me complaining about EA games. I enjoy them quite a bit actually. 

    I actually agree that this is the best era in gaming. I can get in a few rounds in BF2 before work, then when I get home I tend to play Ark or Rust for a few hours. I love the options I currently have.
    then you are not part of a conversation group I care to discuss with...move along,

    I am addressing people who are complaining about games like Battlefront. I understand you like EA and you like Battlefront, that is your business move on
    I'll consider that your apology, have a good one  :)
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    War Z with better graphics... no thanks
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Net neutrality wouldn't even be a necessity in a world  where we had a country full of rational, thinking, educated human beings 
    This is going to be off topic but too bad....You and @SedrynTyros have both used this attack in this thread and it needs to stop. This elitist, looking down your nose at those who disagree with you attitude is exactly why we got the Great Orange Buffoon as our CIC. Some people simply disagree with the role of our Government in our lives, If you cant have a discussion without resorting to petty name calling and impugning those who disagree with you as uneducated ignoramuses then maybe you should just shut the hell up.
  • EA should lose the Star Wars license

    F2Plague said:
    MrTuggles said:
    Battlefront 2 is an amazing game. I am not sure why everyone is so angry. As long as everything from lotto boxes can be gained in game it should be no issue. It is literally just like any other F2P game out there with lotto boxes.
    Except its not F2P. Its $80, is guaranteed to have DLC and Season passes, and now has loot boxes. They are triple dipping and you are happily eating that nasty ass dip and saying "Thank you, may I please have some more?". I mean no offense dude, but if your gonna take a dick from EA they could at least throw in some lube. Or maybe they did and its just in a loot box?  

    To each their own, if you choose to support this business model that is your own prerogative. But every time one of these big companies makes bank off people who take their ridiculous box prices, dlc's, season passes and loot boxes on the chin with no complaints. The next time they make a game are they gonna think twice about doing it again? Not likely.

    I have to correct you here. The devs stated long ago that there would be no season pass and no paid DLC. That is what the income from the boxes was covering. All DLC packs will be free to anyone who owns the game so that the population doesn't get split up between people who own DLC maps and those that don't.  

    Tons of people have ignored this and are too lazy to actually look into the game.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    Get rid of loot boxes and simply charge $100-$150 for all new games. The $60 price has been the standard for way too long. 

    That's the only way all of this goes away IMO. The time and artistry it takes to make games that look and play as good as SWBF2, not to even mention the marketing budgets, simply can't be financed on selling prices from 20 years ago.

    If you want to pay the same price for a game now as you did back in 97 then be prepared for the company to need to find other ways to get money out of you, I feel it really is as simple as that.