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  • Release Not Coming This Year, More Time in EA Required - Wild West Online -

    LOL.. The curse of Sergei Titov continues.

    Serves them right.
  • Is "Pay for convenience" the new pay to win?

    Torval said:

    With an attitude like that why would I care that your MMO world is in a declining spiral? You're mad because people are playing and paying for games they like instead of those games failing. You're mad because no one will make your perfect game and apparently you feel it is the responsibility of the community to make that happen for you.

    No one owes you anything. If you don't like the options go out and make it happen. Find other people like you and show the industry there is money in making a game for you. It can be done. There are indie projects that have sprung up in response to community desire for old school gaming.

    Pro-tip: taking it out on others and blaming doesn't get your wish-world built. It just makes those people you're rude to even less interested in supporting you and your goal.
    I wish I could make this whole post my forum signature. You're a champ.
  • What game sucks up hours before you even notice it?

    Ark, I just really enjoy building and taming in the game. I log on with the intent to finish up a section of a base or gather some resources and the next thing I know it's 4am and I've laid 200 more foundations or tamed a small herd of something. 
  • Were done.

    Its We're not were.

    And I completely disagree with the entire word salad above. Gamers have more choices now than ever before in the 30 years I've been playing video games. You can pick giant AAA games, tiny little 8 bit retro games or anything from the plethora of games in between. This goes for MMORPG's, FPS games, MOBA's or any of the other genres. Heck, my hardest gaming decisions are trying to figure out which one of the 10 games I'm currently playing I want to spend time in at any given moment.
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  • Kakao Thanks Its Community for Two Years of Epic Adventures - Black Desert Online -

    Are you 2 serious?

    Everyone that ordered those packages, me included, got everything we paid for 2 years ago. They didn't have to toss us anything ever again for it. I think it's a nice gesture. My account page is full of free items they have handed out over the last 2 years for things like extended downtimes and server problems. They didn't need to give us any of those things either but they did.

    I think it's a bit ridiculous to criticize them for this.
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