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  • Your thoughts on the survival games

    d_20 said:
    Right now, I've got Citadel, Dark and Light, and Conan Exiles. I don't have ARK. Any other big ones I'm missing in the genre?

    I've played about an hour or two of each that I have. I still haven't gotten fully into one of them yet, but Conan will probably be the one I like the overall feel of in terms of feeling connected to my avatar. I like the mood and world. I feel like this game can have a lot of potential.

    What are your thoughts on the current crop of survival games? How would you compare them?
    I would recommend Ark and Rust. Two of the best games I've ever played and the two highest "hours played" on my steam account with 2500+ in Rust and nearly 1000 in Ark. 

    Neither are AAA games so don't go in expecting AAA polish, it just isn't there. Frame rates can be bad at times in both and performance overall is spotty and usually relies on the owner of the server you are playing on to be using really good hardware. 

    Rust is a pvp centered game and unless you join one of the popular RP servers you can expect every person you run into to try to bash your head in with a rock. I usually play on RP servers when i go back to the game, otherwise you need to be in a decent sized group to really stand a chance. This game has given me some of my most exhilarating experience in my gaming life, as well as some of my most depressing moments.

    Ark is also pvp focused but can be enjoyed on a pve server if you want to just play and not worry about others ruining your fun. Currently me and a friend are playing on a pve server where we are building up to fight all of the bosses, of which there are 3 on The Island map. Each boss has 3 difficulty levels and requires different artifacts that you need to get from special caves to summon them. There is good base building, animal taming, breeding and all of the different dinos have different uses.  

    There are real, legitimate complaints about both of these games but for the money I've spent vs the time/fun I've had playing there are no other games that has come close for me in my 30yrs playing games (except maybe Red Dead Redemption and GTAV but i played both of them single player).
  • LOL @ Typical Kickstarter trash

    Bestinna said:
    this ashes of creation picture looks like my first day on unity.
    We look forward to playing your game.........
  • Housing in MMORPGs: What Black Desert did right, and what is your favorite housing system?

    Richard Garriott says it best in this PC Gamer article from 2013 about why no one else can get it right, and why his games are great.

    "And every designer that I work with...I think, frankly, is lazy."

    "I think most game designers really just suck"

    "I've met virtually no one...who I think is close to as good a game designer as I am."

    "I think that the design talent in our industry is dramatically lower than we need."

    And this is the guy behind SoTA. The most uninteresting and uninspired MMORPG to ever be spliced together with store bought assets.