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  • MMO Version Ready for Open Beta on November 17th - Life is Feudal -

    Asheram said:
    Torval said:
    Is it permadeath?

    Is the game meant to be played with just one character? I noticed the package tiers only have 1 transfer ticket that is consumable.  Why the restriction or limitation on tickets?

    What happens when your character dies? How does the player recover from death and loss in the game? What are the restart mechanics like?
    Your character respawns I think.  It's just that you basically have to buy every extra character slot to get them from the starter island to the mainland (I think).
    So when you die you have to buy an item with real money to get back off of the starter island?
    No, once you are on the mainland if you die you redrawn there. Only need a new "ticket" if you want to create a new character
  • Nearly 2 Million Concurrent Players Wipe Out the Also-Rans - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - MMORPG.

    I own the game but don't play and don't plan to play it again in the future. Too many cheaters mixed with abysmal performance have convinced me to uninstall.

    Good for them though.
  • Early Access Alpha on Track for October with Big Changes in Store As Tech Alpha Ends - Wild West Onl

    I watched quite a few streams and videos of the game and was not impressed at all. There was some funny RP moments but the game itself looked terrible. I couldn't shake the feeling that it was just a poorly optimized War Z clone in a western theme.

    I'll be waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to get my western fix.
  • Why Derek Smart is right about Star Citizen - His facts and why SC is likely to fail

    Did you even bother trying to get a refund before doing a charge back?

    As for my thoughts on DS, he's a failed game dev.. thats pretty much it. He has about as much relevance as the crap i scooped out of the litter box this morning.

    If SC ever gets finished I'll give it a try, just like I do with any game that interests me regardless what some randoms on the internet are saying about it. 
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  • Since there is pooping, lets add simulated itching

    In real life, imagine being in an astronaut suit. Suddenly...oh shit you got a nose itch and you are in space. What do you do? Its getting worse...the comfort levels vastly going down. You need to tighten that screw or it'll all fall apart but the nose itch is just getting worse and worse. Suddenly, unbearable you lift up the visor to lift and die in the vacuum of space.

    That would be intense gameplay. They can simulate it by your character getting more and more agitated, and start shaking if you don't fix that itch. It'll be the most itch-tastic gameplay of any game! The most realistic itching simulation possible. Because in real life, getting an itch is one of the most unbearable things that can happen and there is even torture that uses itching as a technique.

    Star Citizen could be the ultimate simulation experience. There is pooping...and then there could be itching. It make for intense gameplay when you are out in space or in a battle and suddenly get that itch that you just can't scratch!
    You do realize that one of the biggest "survival" games out there has had pooping in it for several years , right? It can be used offensively as a weapon or used to make fertilizer to help grow crops. It is actually very useful.