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  • Sandbox Done Right - Albion Online Review - MMORPG.com

    premium status on a sandbox game lol

    EVE? Same thing. And in both games, not really an issue. Playing well works so much better than trying to Pay2Win, which mostly will end in tears in full loot games.
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    MaxBacon said:
    hfztt said:
    When I point out that they still cant have many players in, you point to 3.0.

    When i say, ok, then when 3.0 is here we can take a look at their tech and judge them. Then you say we cannot, as 3.0 is just the first step.

    So which is it: Is 3.0 when we can start talking about how they are doing, or is that going to be always "after the next patch" with you guys?
    Because you are talking of player pops, then you are not talking of what 3.0 is about but what's after, to judge what they achieve in the network front we quite need to wait the tech and features related to it under-dev are finally released, until then it's this placeholder solution.

    Was talking specifically to network not to the rest of tech and features of this next update.

    Hey, you where the one who said that with 3.0 all the base tech would be in place, and thus the project as a whole much closer to final state and certainly not only 15-25% done.

    So if it is really that finished, how come we can never judge anything "in its current state"? It is simply too convinient that you guys always pull a "oh thats going to be better later".

    So, in 3.0, what is finished enough that we can actually start to talk about it? Not networking then. Planetary stuff? Station stuff? Balance? Ship handling? What?
  • The End Has Come, Though a Mobile Version May Be Imminent - Firefall - MMORPG.com

    This is what sold me on FireFall in the first place:
    Extra Credits did a marvelous job presenting the dream behind it.
    We got parts of it, and then it was slowly changed into a bland MMO untill 1.6 gave it the mercy shot, well before the servers went down.

    I still want THAT game. Really bad! I guess i'll have to settle for Em-8er, if it even gets made.

    Good bye FireFall, we had some great times. And, yeah, I would play the hell out of a vanilla server or a 1.3 in spite of all their flaws. That would be better than the nothing we get now.