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  • What is your favorite fallback game?

    Thank you for all the responses so far. 
    I've read them all! 
    Keep them coming!

    My fallback video game has been Civilization V for a long time. 

    What I love most about the game is that it has that Fresh-Game/New-Game feel each start we load a new map. The Exploration is amazing in both... playing the game, as well as curiosity causing players to learn about the leaders and civilizations they play as. 
  • Gear Dependency Vs. Player Skill (Poll)

    My argument is old school

    I side with the groups of people who play 'Dungeons and Dragons' and believe that parties should be thinking and fighting their way through the campaign. This means if we are going through a giant volcano that: 

    ~Our Armor should be made to protect against Fire and Earth attacks/damage.
    ~Our Weapons should be strong against the encounters we have in the area.
    ~The party should stick together and compensate each other's weaknesses with their skills and abilities.
    ~Progression/Rewards should give us equipment to make us stronger in the current area AND/OR give us equipment that will help us in the next part of the campaign. 

    In order to give this experience to everyone out there in a video game I would: 

    ~Level Sync and Gear Sync the entire party to the area. This forces the party to work together and not overpower everything on gear alone.
    ~The Dungeon should be made for a Party that includes a LOT more than simply just bashing your way by force through everything.
    ~Can't be Soloed (not due to difficulty of monsters, but the area being designed for the party itself to traverse)

    One of the games I enjoyed playing back then and I used to make my own modules for was the old Neverwinter Nights. It was amazing how back then one could write a decent module that combined creatures, treasure, story, and enough traps to really keep players on their toes. 

    I remember having more fun playing that game than most MMOs I played. 

    Gear-Based Progression is NOT the way to Roleplay. The original point of roleplaying was to take on a role of a character that was part of a story. The gamer was given the chance to live in the story and even change the outcome of the story. 

    Today, we give a player a character-class, along with heavy gear-based progression and throw them into a PvP Arena or your typical 90% - 99% of quests are KILL-QUESTS and we call that ROLE PLAYING, since no one has the patience to actually go through a story. 

  • 'Be a Hero' Campaign to Raise Funds for Hurricane Relief - Valiance Online -

    My advice for anyone who wishes to donate to Disaster Relief, to first read the following webpage:

    The site works to help prevent scammer fraud and has a lot of general information. One of the tips given is to donate directly to a charity that is known and has a proven track record. It should be a group that is DIRECTLY in-line with disaster relief. Never a middleman organization or sub-contract group.

    When a company says "All proceeds will go to X"
    They are not talking in General Language, but in Legal Language.

    In Legal Language a proceed can be counted as Net Money Received or Gross Money Received, and it requires a type of sale or transaction for it to count as a proceed. Otherwise if you are not careful, it is not a proceed, but a gift.

    The Law also directly states that 85% of what is given to a charity is to be used towards the operating costs of the charity. The remaining 15% (minimum) has to be used to prove that the cause itself is being advanced through the efforts of the charity. There is no protection from compounding. This means when you give to a middle-man group, they will keep 85 cents and then donate the 15 cents to a LEGIT charity, who can do the very same...Next thing you know 97 cents of your dollar are gone into the pockets and only 3 cents count.

    These are the laws.
    I didn't write them.

    If you wish to truly donate..

    Go to the main charity organization webpage.
    Check that the organization is not fraudulent and has a clear track record.
    Know what questions to ask...

    Also, do not trust shiny-looking webpages that feel like they are trying to make a group appear to be great that you might not know. Look for evidence of that group's operation, and check with the government if that charity group has been given approval to operate in the disaster area itself.

    I know from first-hand experience that the best charities in the world work hand in hand with the government and their agencies to help with disaster relief. More than half of their received money goes directly to a cause and most of the people within the disaster relief group bring their time, money, energy, skills, and abilities all for the purpose of disaster relief. They are very good at what they do.

    I write this post, because when I was a child my life was saved by a special group. All I want is for the RIGHT groups to get what they deserve in order to perform their jobs, while everyone else gets exposed for the fraudulent organizations that they are.
  • Revelation Online Exclusive Dragonwings Giveaway! -

    At the time of the beginning of my post when I began my writing, I wrote the number of keys that existed.
    At the time of this writing, there are 2900 keys remaining.

    I am neither a troll, nor from the future.
    Though it is interesting to note that between both posts, 26 keys have been redeemed.

    Shows the kind of population or interest people have towards that game.
  • Revelation Online Exclusive Dragonwings Giveaway! -

    I was shown this prior to leaving this game.
    At the time of this writing there are 2,691 keys left.

    The fact all of these keys aren't gone now, is proof that the community smartened up and learned the honest truth:

    Revelation Online is a Chinese Game made by Netease, which is published by My.Com, a Russian based company. The game is highly P2W and I know from experience. The top players in each server have spent anywhere from $8,000 to $50,000 on their characters in order to do well in PvP. (Their words, not mine....Top players have told me how much they have spent)

    Unfortunately, the PvE falls flat on its face due to being given Daily and Weekly Limits on each raid in the game. Its easier to run out of PvE to do than PvP and the game feels "Full" due to the bombardment of dailies thrown against the player. Miss a daily and you fall behind.

    This is not a game for a player to join late.
    While experience point bonuses exist, gearing falls upon weekly limits that outside of spending money to circumvent the limits, a player will always be stuck being lower than active players who do their dailies and weekly.

    Also, My.Com has been prone to deal with hacks and attacks.
    The fact that a lot of maintenance times are posted in CEST (Central European Summer Time) should clue you in
    that the localization is mostly European and North America has to conform with European and Russian Standards.
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