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  • Vanilla World of Warcraft, if released today would be #1

    Pacman would be #1 if released today. Because I say it.

    @OP: you're still posting here? I thought we were unworthy of your superior knowledge? ;)
  • (theory) The MMO community overall is driving more and more people to want a solo only experience

    Back then, around year 2000, Internet access was still quite "confidential" in most countries, and MMORPGs are played by nerds and fans who were also for most quite literate and computer savvy, and also for most had a real passion for the genre.

    But after 2000, Internet access became easier to get very quickly, cheaper too, broadband arrived in most country (DSL). New players joined those games, who just play MMORPGs like they play some console game and who don't care about the RP element. This includes a lot of less literate people, and of course also a lot of rude kiddies.

    I agree with you that the EQ model and its forced grouping favors selfishness from players. And most of today's MMORPGs are based on the EQ model. It doesn't stop one from making friends, I have met people in WoW who are now real life friends, but in that EQ model, people tend to stick to their guild because outside of it, they have too big of a chance to end with assholes or immatures.

    In AC1, there were quest leaders who were regularly organizing server wide events, Aerfalle runs for instance. Guilds weren't that important, everyone knew everyone on the server. That is also no longer possible nowadays with that "megaserver" system all games have embraced.

    There are still a few AAA games that are not too much into that EQ style cloning though. GW2, BDO and ESO come to my mind.


    1) Games today are almost all of the "EQ forced grouping endgame raid or die" style, encouraging selfish player behavior. In PUGs, people no longer group for fun, they group for profit, and they tend to do little outside of their guild. This was already present in EQ back in the days, but was made much worse by point 3 described below.
    2) The communities have changed. Internet is more accessible, every moron and kid has a permanent access to it, making the average level of the online communities drop drastically.
    3) "Megaservers" made communities so huge that it's no longer possible to know everyone on your server like it was back in the first MMOs (UO, AC1 and even EQ). This favors even more the behavior described in point 1.
  • Intel Coffee Lake 6-core (Out Now)

    Phry said:
    Cleffy said:
    It's about time. One thing we saw recently with the Ryzen CPUs is the Core i7 7700K falling on its face compared to the R7 1700 when doing a stream and playing a game. Even though it is niche, the Core i7 should be the CPU that meets this niche.
    A well designed 6 core architecture could be good for particular workloads. The Phenom II x6 was the last time that AMD had a competitive CPU outside of 1 workload. If they kept the chip and kept die shrinking it with a modern platform, then it would have been a stable contender.
    Having a 6-core mainstream CPU means the industry can finally move forward from 4 cores after a decade.
    Gamers Nexus did a test of those processors, and while it is true that the R7 handles streaming while gaming better than the 7700K, if your not streaming, then the 7700k performs far better than the R7 does, i suspect most gamers don't actually stream while playing, but for those that do, then the R7 does seem to be a more appropriate choice. :)
    I call a bit of bullshit on this, it also depends on the software you use for streaming. Both brands (nVidia and AMD(ATI)) have now highly efficient solutions for streaming. The processor isn't really a factor anymore.
  • My opinion on mmorpg community

    Pemmin said:

    i don't really understand your purpose in posting this thread because your English seems a little broken. if you are inferring that community is the most important aspect of an mmorpg....then i agree with you and others may or may not.
    lol.. broken so what...i master 10 least i understand
    "master" isn't the word I'd use...
  • Daybreak Games: Bring back Vanguard

    Distopia said:
    Nilden said:
    Am I taking crazy pills again?

    Did people not see what happened with EQNext and Landmark?

    They cancelled EQNext with no refunds and put Landmark on steam only to shut it down. That happened, right?

    I'd link to a youtube video of them adding stuff to the cash shop in Landmark but they deleted all the videos from both Landmark and EQNext channels.

    This company is garbage you would be better off with some volunteer emulator team.

    Also if Pantheon is able to incorporate some of the better design elements from VG (like classes) it will be better for it.

    That said I also think Pantheon will be better than Vanguard. Since they have that experience to pull from.
    No the company was smart, as it was obvious neither idea was going anywhere. You're blaming a new company under new management for bleeding out it's problematic waste, Smed included. DBG hasn't done anything development related to say one way or the other how it would fare.
    I don't totally agree with that.
    Yes, Landmark could not work in that form.
    They could have made it work as a smooth voxel Minecraft version though.

    EQNext, though... I think that game would have worked. Based on everything said, the game was taking the best from EQ clones and from sandboxes like UO, and mixed it together along with some tasty new ingredients.

    EQNext died the day they fired Dave first and then later the Math guy I don't remember the name of right now. They removed the spirit and the engine. There was nothing left.

    I still don't understand why they fired Dave Georgeson. Not only he was good at his job, he had a clear vision of what the game would be, but he had 1000% more charisma than that stupid girlish community manager they kept for a while after his departure. I guess they couldn't afford his pay anymore... so they fired all the good persons to only keep the mediocre and bad ones. And the few decent ones who survived all left now too.