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  • M.2 drives for operating system?

    That is all.
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    But .. i am the bigger man.
    I'm going to be bold here and ask for some proof.

  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    Xodic said:
    Robokapp said:
    I think it's about over for MMOs. We got WoW and there's not much else.

    Are you kidding? Destiny 2 sold a bunch even with little end-game. Warframe is an indie success. World of Tanks has been popular for a while. Overwatch is killing it.

    It is not over .. it is just starting. 
    Those are games that require internet connections...
    You may as well add online poker to the list of MMOs.
    I will just say one thing.

    I'm happy that he's happy about a direction I'm not happy about, and thankfully there are a lot of alternatives. This strongly reduces the risk to meet him in a game I play. If the "antisocial rebels" have their games, it's for the best of the more social games, because we don't have to endure them polluting our communities.

    Would you really want to have to deal with that kind of person in a game ?
  • Vanilla WoW....How would you build it ?

    Kyleran said:
    Seeming from an overwhelming majority pure vanilla is the way to go :)  

    After all I was just asking how others would like Vanilla. 

    Now looking at it from my prospective, I have many many years invested in Vanilla where others don't.  I must say I enjoyed every minuet of it....... If many are like me the feeling could last for years in pure Vanilla without changes.  My original post seems like good modifications years down the road and again just my interpretation.


    Can I ask everyone a question since everyone would like an exact replica:  

    How do you feel at the very least, modify the social panel to find groups easer ?

    As it stands, it's actually fine as it is.... groups are extremely easy to find by doing a search.  Never have a spent more than 10 minuets filling a group using it.  Infact I could instantly tell the status of Tanks and Healers to know if it's even worth it. 

    This method involves asking players directly, some would consider this spamming....That would be bull crap !...... NO ONE READS floating chat !..... This is why people spend hours LFG ! 
    I don't mind when players reach out to see if I want to group, but I have friends it greatly bothers (happens to those who play popular support classes) so there should be a way to flag yourself as not looking for group.

    There's a new option in Battle.NET for this:

  • Is "Pay for convenience" the new pay to win?

    Anthur said:
    Actually green is partly blue. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow.
    That depends of what color space you're using.
    In RGB, blue and green are primary colors and yellow is a mix of red and green ;)