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  • Behold! The rise of "Stream to win","View to win" or "Watch to Win" P2W was just the beggining.

    I don't actively antagonize folks who watch them.  Just don't understand the appeal.

    Then again, aside from sports and watching things with the girlfriend, I don't watch TV in general, either.

    I prefer actively participating in my entertainment.
    If I have to watch something non-dynamic, I watch a movie or a series. At least I have much better actors and a better story ;)
  • All you MMO newbs were warned about F2P. Yet you supported it.

    DjDriVer said:
    Consider this if you example being WoW.  You pat $19 for World of Warcraft, then spend $15/month say for 4 yrs. Let's not forget the expansion every 2 yrs, which usually costs $50.  BAMM! you have just paid $820.00 for a game. go on, drive on down to Walmart and fork out $820.00 for a game, the wife will divorce you, not to mention having to take out a 2nd mortgage on the house to buy the game at that price.  F2p may try to gank you with an item mall, but that is by choice.
    This is an incredibly bad explanation.

    4 years of being entertained for thousands of hours for only $820 is a steal.

    You pay $40 just to see a movie that lasts measly a hour and half.

    I can pay my $20 for a game and get 8 hours of entertainment in the first day, and then 20+ hours of entertainment for $15 for the rest of the month.
    Let's fix DjDriVer's drivel:

    $19+$15*12*4+2*$50 = $839.

    $839 / (12*4) = $17.48

    ZOMG! YOU JUST SPENT $17 and half per month on video games. You are really an horrible person.
  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Unfortunately, Elder Scrolls Online is a good example of "real bad technology".
    - Mega server
    - Broken replica of dungeons where people don't see each other (did they fix this garbage yet?)
    - Half hour speed runs
    - No name tag above player, this sure makes it immersive :)
    - Mega server doesn't affect dungeons in any way.
    - I haven't seen a single broken dungeon yet.
    - I was never forced to do any "speed" runs.
    - No name tag? Have you even played ESO?

    More nonsensical opinions and wrong information presented as facts.
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Gorwe said:
    I should give ESO another go. Sure, it's much too loose for me(I prefer guided approach of SWTOR), but I haven't got anything better to play as is. Should I?
    The story line is quite "guided" if you follow it. You'll get new quests regularly for it.
  • How many games do you maintain?

    No game has mandatory daily logins. Many reward those that opt to login daily.
    I definitely agree with that, and why? Because they are games, just games.
    Still, it's made to encourage addiction, to make OCD people log in even if they don't really have fun doing so. I'm not saying all people doing it are like that, but I know quite a few who are.