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  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    Erillion said:
    Funny that by its own definition since the start of the project Star Citizen is NOT an MMO. Making that MMORPG vote somewhat futile. 

    Have fun

    Clearly it now intends to be an MMO. Why else would they aiming for mesh servers with hundreds, if not thousands in the same 'instance' with an economy that is player affected and so on.

    Just because the original intention was not for a full blown MMO does not mean the same is true today, as you well know.
  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    As voted by the majority of MassivelyOP's staff as well as their readers in a separate poll


    Stick that in the Guinness Book Of Records...

  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    MaxBacon said:
    It seems that is also a breach of contract because "confidential stuff", gg lol

    That's perfectly fair though. If CIG aren't willing to abide by the terms of the contract that's entirely on them regardless of how silly it might seem. All they've done is show that they are willing to flaunt the license they were granted, it's all the little things that add up in a courtroom.
  • Is "Pay for convenience" the new pay to win?

    Pay for convenience / pay for advantages / pay to be lazy is the new narrative and it is a narrative that suits the developers who employ it as well as those that like to use money in their games because it is not clear cut, it is a much more subjective area. It fits into the MMO because it's much harder to argue against it, unlike P2W.

    There was always a negative connotation with P2W, the game got a reputation, the studio got a reputation and the players that bought stuff to "win" were viewed in much the same vein as cheaters.

    Now that is all up in the air and you can bet it has been done on purpose, whales and wallet warriors run with it because it sounds so much more benign. I think it is shady as hell because it is really manipulative marketing design. It's much more persuasive because it you can argue time vs money so easily and in an MMO it's less about the winning in the first place, doesn't make it right though.

    Why should we allow or accept this sort of monetisation in our games? Why should we make excuses for it?

    The people who are guilty for this, the ones that are enabling it are the ones who feel they deserve what everyone else has despite not having the time to play anymore, that's pretty selfish if you ask me. If you can't earn your shit legitimately in game suck it up instead of encouraging studios to monetise things and ruin it for everybody else...

  • Star Citizen starts selling land today. Nov. 28 2017

    DKLond said:
    All developers in the world would want as big a budget as possible for their games. It goes without saying.

    Sure, but not at the cost of looking like greedy, grasping assholes, that's the job of the faceless suits employed by the big bad publishers. CIG was meant to be the antithesis to that and instead, for all intents and purposes, they've ended up worse.