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  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    Erillion said:
    Original launch ETA was November 2014.  You don't get to call it an original launch ETA after moving the goalposts umpteen times.
    Original ESTIMATED launch date was November 2014.

    And it was already obsolete by the end of the Kickstarter campaign, when all the stretch goals were added and the call to the backers went out to dramatically increase the scope of the game.

    And the backers voted: directly with "AYE" and indirectly (and even more dramatically) with their wallets. The backers even voted TWICE with an "AYE" - and after the second time CIG apologized and told them they had to stop adding stretch goals then and there (the backers wanted even more).

    But you knew all that already.

    And still repeat that obsolete "November 2014" date like a mantra ;-)

    Have fun
    Well, it's true. Calling it "obsolete" doesn't change the fact that Roberts initially estimated November 2014 as the time when the completed Star Citizen would be available to purchase when he initially garnered interest for his project. 

    I'm not disagreeing with you, by the way. However, because his community encouraged SC off the rails causing it to take the path it did is even more reason in my mind to remember what was initially promised.

    I agree it will take as long as it takes, but this project is 3 years late, not 10 months.

    I don't know that the community really encouraged it to go off the rails, indirectly they did by dumping more and more money on it but the real decision lies with Chris Roberts.

    The polls regarding stretch goals can be seen here https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen_refunds/comments/711y4r/the_two_official_cig_community_polls_related_to/

  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    CIG are showing a shot from the evocati

    Bear in mind that while it looks good it doesn't show the fps or give an indication of how the server was performing etc.

    This is 17 or so ships in this screenshot, imagine what a clusterfuck it would be if there were 60 ships here...

    Out of curiousity, do they have any sort of landing control to manage these ships? It all looks like a bit chaotic to me.
  • Will classic servers be a long time succes?

    I think there will be lots of people who think they will enjoy it but won't and there will also be a lot who do.

    For some people the game has evolved for the better, for another group of people it has evolved for the worse and it's unfair to make any declarative statement about who is right and who is wrong. The cost of making it more accessible and convenience friendly seems to have been the removal of character individuality, quirks and a lot of other things people found interesting about vanilla.

    My interest is whether the communities hold up, how well will PUGs work going back to this sort of system, how will people deal with negative server reputations etc.

  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    Sure it was the middle truth, you had people implying it was suddenly functioning with a 500% performance increase while playing down the restrictions of the test. You then had that other bloke saying it was far worse than it probably was, hence it being somewhere closer to the middle.

    Why are we even having this discussion?
  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    MaxBacon said:
    Ok Max. That seems like a lot of words when you could have simply said "I agree."
    I don't, your polarization isn't reasonable when we've been getting both the positives and negatives from the ETF themselves, something you know very well you posted about it before, comparing those people to the level of DS on your post with your "polar opposites" argument, no "I agree" from my side.
    One guy from the evocati, not the evocati as a collective.

    I guess it all depends on what you read, I follow a lot of the chat on the subreddit and there was a good amount of hyperbole about what this meant for the game despite it only being a rumour at that point. You then had DS being the complete opposite (as usual) which is why I said the truth was probably somewhere in the middle. That's a pretty fair assessment based on stuff I had seen but for some reason you just want to argue....