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  • Updated Roadmap Details What's Next for SWL - Secret World Legends -

    I think many of us are missing the trees for the forest when it comes to SWL.  The strength of SWL lies in its story telling.  It is an interactive story telling MMORPG.  In that regard it stands alone as a work of notable art above all others.  No other MMORPG does it better.  And while it does have combat and bits of other features notable of the MMORPG genre, its game play makes it clearly apparent that these are only secondary features, and only present to advance its story telling, which again, is truly exemplary and the main focus of the game.

    We, as gamers, fall into many different categories with varied game play preferences.  Which is fine until we begin to dismiss the rich variety of our games and proceed to compare them with each other, tearing them down publicly, simply because they do not comply with our preferential ideals in gaming.  Instead of comparing and criticizing SWL to the other hundreds of like-minded MMORPGs that all revolve around the same combat-centric game play model, SWL should be lauded and celebrated for its unique standing in the MMORPG genre.  

    We have lost many games in the past, Ie., SWG, Matrix Online, CoH, etc., because we did not support them in their uniqueness, only to regret it when they are gone.  Rest assured that the same would be said about SWL should it fall by the way side like so many before it.  We always complain about how all MMORPGs are the same and how no one does anything different.  Yet when a developer attempts to do something different, we criticize them to oblivion, comparing them to the hundreds of like-minded MMORPG clones.  As consumers in the gaming industry we should be willingly accepting a richness in game play variety that games like SWL provide for us. Failing to do so will only guarantee that developers will shy away from venturing, and continue to give us the same old garbage that we have been getting to this point.

    If for nothing else, SWL is worth supporting for the diversity it brings to the industry with its unique world setting and outstanding cinematic story telling.  Our positive input and support, or the lack there of, drives the MMO industry.  By continually criticizing and comparing every game that doesn't meet our own individual narrow preferences in gaming we inadvertently stifle progress in the MMORPG industry. This is a negative culture that has been bred and nurtured in the gaming community for far too long and it needs to change.  Be careful of what you ask for. Rest assured, we will continue to see failure and stagnation in the MMORPG industry until it does.

  • Why I quit.

    ... and you weren't aware of any of this before starting to play the game?

    The above are obvious to anyone who did as little as ten minutes of research before downloading the game.
  • Big Changes Coming in 2.0.1 for Patrons, New Players & More - Secret World Legends -

    I wonder the IQ of a person who believes any F2P game is actually free, and how much purple kool-aid would they have drank in Jonestown.

    Hey guys newsflash, if a former subscription title gets repackaged as a stripped down F2P game, don't you dare say anything about things that are wrong. It's free... charity even!
    I dont know about the gullible, but I haven't spent a penny to this day, and I am just as viable as anyone else and most importantly, having a blast.

    Don't blame anyone else for your inability to play a game without the comforting crutch of your handy credit card.

    Maybe it does take a higher IQ to make it happen.  Perhaps you should give that a wonder instead.
  • Big Changes Coming in 2.0.1 for Patrons, New Players & More - Secret World Legends -

    man all this bitching over a free game.  sorry , if you hate it so much then don't play, but don't be delusional and think that complaining and putting down the people that are enjoying it is going to change a thing.  name one time that complaining on a forum has made a dev change their game.
     I've been back and forth on the game, and yes there are things that I prefer from the old game and thing I prefer from the new game but I'm not going to come here and talk shit about someone elses opinion.  I can say this, right now, I'm having more fun than I had before oberall .  that may change over time.  If it does, I can stop playing and play something else.  
    Some people whine and complain about everything.  Even when that something is free.

    They call it having "higher standards."

  • Big Changes Coming in 2.0.1 for Patrons, New Players & More - Secret World Legends -

    I don't know, maybe I am just the extremely tolerant type but I can never understand how players can complain so much over a game that is provided to them to play for free.  The ability to be able to play a game with the quality story telling, questing missions, and ambiance should be reward enough yet gamers are so entitled now days that they can't help but complain about something given to them for free instead of simply being grateful.  The saying "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" was never so applicable.

    In perusing through this thread I am seeing complaints that can be easily overlooked or mitigated. Below listed are a few examples;

    1.  Dungeon Key Limit:

    True they only "give" you 10 per day if you play the game for free.  However, you can also loot the boxes without keys for 500 MoF.  A player can sell any standard weapon or talisman for an average of around 1000 MoF.  Going through Kingsmouth once over alone can provide a player with dozens of weapons or talismans.  With these one can either sell them for additional MoF or to open a few more chests.  Missions are re-doable.  Need more MoF for the above?  Go back to Kingsmouth or a favorite lower level area and zoom through quests for additional easy drops. Where is the problem?

    2.  AH Limitations:

    The 10 item limit was temporary to address exploit.  Will be increased once they are comfortable the AH is working as intended.  Where is the problem?

    3.  Fusing items:

    Can be completed with MoFs.  See No. 1 above.  Where is the problem?

    4.  Loot Crates:

    Can be sold to vendors for anima shards.  If you are not interested in opening them you should simply consider these vendor fodder.  As vendor fodder anima shards are quite valuable and nothing to be scoffed at.  If you have a key, or want to try your luck then by all means open one up.  If not, then just consider them vendor fodder and get some anima shards.  Where is the problem?

    5.  Weapon/Talisman upgrades:

    Missions are re-doable.  A patron gets to redo them every eight hours.  After completing a couple of areas, a patron player should be able to replay rush through these areas for easy loot/MoFs/anima shards to satisfy any of the above concerns several times over.  As a free to play player you only get to redo them every three days.  However, after completing a few areas even that should work satisfactorily enough.  

    ... have I missed anything?

    In conclusion people.  Perhaps you should be reminded that you are being allowed to play this game for free!  FOR FREE!  Not only that, but playing the game as a F2P player is extremely viable. The only thing that patrons get over F2P players is convenience and the ability to move through the game faster.  That is it!  That said ... you are getting the complete SWL game, plus every DLC for FREE!  That really shouldn't require an explanation, should it?

    SWL is a wonderful game, with arguably the best story telling and missions in the industry.  It is an undeniably quality game.  And you get it all for FREE! ... and you still find reason to complain? 

    I just don't get it ...

    /shakes head