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  • Black Desert Online: Kamasylvia Expansion Part 1 (Review)

    I'll have to watch it later. I have very mixed feelings about Kama myself. It's pretty and all, but it's very much aimed at only the hardcore players with their level 61 characters and 500+gs. They should've released it with Kama part II, which supposedly helps bridge the gap. Very poor design choices =/
  • Have you ever decided to not play a game simply because you missed out on an exclusive reward?

    Yep. I have. It's one of the main reasons I cancelled SWTOR. The horrid Light vs Dark one time event, where they expected you to level up one of each class, and do ALL the old content for the umpteenth time, or miss out on the exclusive rewards. Never mind the fact that I done all that before, in their infinite wisdom they decided to fuck over their veteran players and make them jump through all the hoops again. I typically don't play MMO's that have been out forever either. Too much exclusive crap I can never earn.
  • Regional Launch Servers & Kingdoms Named, Recruitment Channels Announced - Chronicles of Elyria - MM

    mcrippins said:
    Anyone know how far along this game is? Are we still years from release? It says 2017, but I figured it would be in beta if that were true.
    It's safe to say years.
    At the earliest I'd expect a 2019 release. And that's a very generous estimate for a KS title.
  • The beginning of the end, The story

    LOL. I'm putting it here for once instead of on your profile. ;)
    Complete fantasy as usual. As for "Rise of the Indies"... the only Indie MMOs that have released so far have been complete failures. It'll be interesting to see whether the big titles in development can break that streak.
  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List -

    Celcius said:
    If you liked the SWTOR story, you clearly didn't play a Bounty Hunter. The story they had was an utter mess. It started okay, but then at about the middle it starts going in 80 different directions and is an incomprehensible mess. From what I have heard this is similar to most classes, because they changed writers too much in development for each one.
    The BH storyline was just fine. In Chapter 1, you're a young upstart. Chapter 2, you've become famous and are going after high profile marks. Chapter 3, your fame got you the attention of the Empire, and with it the typical Sith politics.

    Each class story (Chapter 1-3) was written by the same writer. There was no changing writers there. They only began doing that in Chapter 4 and beyond, at which point the class stories were done for good, and the game lost a lot of its appeal and replayability.