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  • Blood DK solos Mythic Kil'jaeden for Over a Minute & Scores the Win - World of Warcraft Videos - MMO

    Well... there comes the nerf hammer for Blood DKs now. xD
  • Kakao Thanks Its Community for Two Years of Epic Adventures - Black Desert Online -

    Tokken said:
    BDO is such a cash drain. Hate the cash shop. Limited time value packs and inventory expansion slots, etc. Seems to me the only way to enjoy the game is for you to spend lots of $$$, which takes the fun out of it if you don't have the $$$. Ironic. lol - and the grind....... ugh!

    They need to give away inventory expansion slots (permanant) to make the stash managible.

    Rant over!
    They've done so at times. Rarely for obvious reasons though. ;)

    And you can always use loyalty to increase your inventory slots. Every ten days, you can add a slot. Not counting bonus loyalty you get for reaching certain milestones, or for recruiting friends.
  • Black Desert GM going around in game PKing

    It was a little event on the PvP channel, where you can kill anyone without losing karma. And the GM wasn't godlike in power. Some of my guildies fought them.
  • "If we don't do that, then the game will never be finished." Port response to funding questions

    "Crowdforging" at its finest. You keep paying for the construction of the game long after the "successful" Kickstarter, or you see your previous investments go down the drain :3
  • The 10 Most Wanted MMOs of 2018 - The List -

    Torval said:
    Mikeha said:

    Bless should be #1 because its actually confirmed for 2018.

    Crowfall might be confirmed too but not sure. LOL at the expansions.
    I pretty much skimmed over the rest after seeing how low Bless, the only MMO on that list that isn't BS promises or pure speculation, got ranked. These lists get worse every time. xD
    I don't think the particular order is the important point or what the state of release the game is in. If Suzie put her personal fave on the top I would guess it to be the WoW xpac, not Crowfall or Bless.

    Here's a list of games that will be offering some sort of release state next year. It gives the reader an opportunity to comment on what they're looking forward to and how they plan on participating. But as usual we get hung up on the semantics of "what released means" and the order of the list and whether a game qualifies by genre definition instead of discussing the games themselves and how we'll play them.

    I think it's the quality comments that is getting worse over time.
    For some reason I thought the list was numbered... until I went to look at it again after reading your comment (I was about to say, then why on Earth give them numbers at all). Not that bad then on second thought. Still meh on the titles though.