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  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    People on reddit are already questioning that this might already be implemented in certain games. At least if I'm understanding the comments right. Like some teams in Madden 18 code_star on reddit said seem impossible without him paying. But still, seems its already partly used in some way

    [–]Separati 95 points 7 hours ago 

    Wow. Solid article. They plan to match average players with great players who've purchased items in hopes of luring the average players into mimicking the great player's loadout. If the mark does purchase the system will matchmake games for the mark which are advantageous to that purchased item, which necessarily must put others at a disadvantage. We can assume the advantageous matchmaking for the mark will then diminish over time and the cycle will begin anew.

    [–]Code_star 4 points an hour ago 

    This really makes me wonder if this happens in the next Madden 18 game. I feel like I'm constantly playing against teams with players that would seem impossible to get without paying for. My record on "seasons" mode where you build a team from a deck that you grind or pay for is terrible, but my record on game modes with more fair player distribution is fantastic.

    [–]BallisticamITX - 3770K, MSI 390x, 16gb 1866mhz [score hidden] 32 minutes ago 

    People have questioned the same about FIFA too, seems like players from paid packs are better than the same player from a reward pack.......

  • GW2 or ESO Morrowind?

    I tried GW2 and even got Path of Fire. And I just can never get into it for some reason. Like...BDO was a super grindy MMO experience, but I felt like I had stuff to do and could do all kinds of varieties of things. GW2...all I do is fight non-stop and I think that is the problem I have with it. Sure there is crafting, but...ESO/BDO beat GW2 heavily in that department on top of having a much wider variety of things.

    ESO also has more class variety. The starting classes are less. But you can be a werewolf/vampire and that even adds more to the gameplay. Or the guilds add their own builds too. You can sneak around stealing stuff and play it like an Elder Scrolls game. Plus having a house, but I dunno what thats like. As for builds, they are kinda equal in the variety/amount.

    In terms of immersion I'll go with ESO again. GW2 all the events are NOT dynamic (which they advertised pre-release), and are timed and repeat over and over and over and over. People put bosses on timers...which is lame.

    In terms of world. They are about equal, but in favor with GW2. GW2 has some impressive cities, but so does ESO. Though (ignoring Morrowind since don't have it yet, so I won't compare it with PoF but with HoT)...I actually like how the HoT zones look like and play (meta events are tons of fun) far more than most ESO zones

    ESO does scaling better, so good its not even a contest...GW2 you got to grind to reach the best made zones in the game and you can't play the expansions (that one pays for) without grinding. ESO you can literally go anywhere and do anything you want...vastly better scaling design and what all future MMOs should base their scaling on.

    In terms of "free"...I'm actually going with GW2. There is nothing required in the cash shop for GW2...just the expansions. And maybe to unlock story stuff if you are into that. ESO, if you are a crafter/harvester/hoarder, you are forced to pay (infinite bag) or deal with vast inventory management annoyances (inventory is VERY lacking). However, ESO does offer a lot of other benefits to paying and you get a monthly "crown" reward and some other stuff, and all DLC (besides expansions) come with the monthly sub. It really wants you to pay monthly GW2 wins here.

    Community...pretty much equal, though ESO is ahead in terms of population. GW2 the game felt very quiet even in cities...not many people talk. ESO, the world is bustling and lively and even cities have tons of people roaming around. Don't go saying its cause PoF is new, I've tried a few times even when HoT was "older" and cities and the game still felt very quiet and devoid of players. The community (for the most part) IS really nice and helpful though, but so is ESO for most part. ESO community feels more active and lively to me, and you can tell that by walking around the city and seeing so much happen with people running around and doing all kinds of stuff.

  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    18% of the members of this forum who bothered to vote have spoken. Obviously, that means definitions do not matter.
    A better means of knowing what the majority thinks is putting up a strawpoll and posting it on a few reddits (mmorpg/pcgaming/destiny as main reddits I can think of) and also putting it on (like this poll) and not sure what other gaming site since don't really use them.  Whatever game forums whoever makes the strawpoll if anyone does. Also put on facebook if use that.

    Then you won't get a bunch of jaded MMORPG voters praying for the glory days of the old MMORPGs to come back and all the newcomers to go away. Then you'll get a far more proper, and far more widespread results of what people think.

    I'll concede if the majority vote that destiny 2 isn't an MMO, if whoever decides to make a strawpoll and posting it on various sites for a far wide range of voters. If still shows destiny 2 is not an MMO, then guess that be the majority. 

    Posting on one random forum doesn't show much, especially since this forum has a bunch of jaded vets who hate new MMOs.
  • If you could spend a week at any time in world history where and when would you go?

    I'd go before there was humans, but for different reasons than Eldurian said.

    As much as I like the roman/Renaissance and reading about the past...even the colonial times.

    More likely I'd be hung for being a "warlock" (blasphemy) or die from all kinds of diseases due to poor health care, or killed because I don't sound like the "locals" (think racism is bad now? Seen nothing yet once you go to the past lol) or get made into a slave to build the pyramids or all kinds of crap. 

    I'd rather go before there was earth untainted by pollution and trash, filled with life and forests and wilderness...though I wouldn't be too fond of getting mauled by dinosaurs. 

    I'd more likely skip the offer of going to the past if given the choice and go to the future instead and take my chances there lol. The future could either be freakin amazing...

    either humans solved their issues and become a space exploration species and aliens all over, Mass Effect style...or maybe no aliens but still colonizing the stars

    humans get killed off either by a series of natural disasters (yellowstone and a couple other super volcanoes are currently active), and I travel into the future in a completely different earth, but far better than now

    Sorta related to last one, but humans get killed off by 99%, but have recovered and its SORTA back to what its like today but with massive differences


    I travel to the far future, humans did too much damage to earth, or the too many natural disasters happened even without human influence and earth is permanently dead and I end up screwed lol

    Either way, I'd more want to travel to the future than the past.
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Erillion said:

    You are NOT the hero. You are Joe Nobody. 

    Have fun
    That is one of the thing that draws me into games like EVE Online (granted, EVE Online you are special by being immortal, but you never feel like a hero lol) and Elite. I hate being a hero. Why does nearly every game make you a hero? In Skyrim, I get tons of mods to NOT be dragonborn. What if I want to be Joe the Janitor? 

    Like...being a hero would be more special... if...that wasn't the theme in EVERY game (well not every game, but nearly all of them). When nearly every game makes you a hero, being a hero is no longer any fun and makes for a boring theme lol.