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  • Destiny 2 - Exploring the Lore with Jason Harris & Matthew Ward -

    So i Just played the BETA, went from a day 1 must buy to probably not buying at all. I knew what the game was , I played destiny 1 casually , but for some reason after playing the demo i have no interest in destiny 2, TBH id rather play borderlands 2 to scratch the shooter loot itch.
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    Is it safe to say by the time this game launches we will all either be gone or too senile to play this game ?
  • In Other Overwatch News, Sombra Meets Widowmaker IRL - Overwatch Videos -

    French dont like makeup

    I didn't think they were that bad looking, But I'll say this. If i see some chick in a hijab like the one in the video ducking in and out behind a clothing rack acting all cloak and dagger im calling the f&^%$ cops! just sayin
  • I want to play expansion what do i need to catch up on?

    kallens said:
    Crafting and gathering jobs will be going to level 70 in the new expac. If you want to do the moogle beastribe crafting quests ( helpful in leveling crafters) that start in Heavensward, you'll need to have a crafter at level 50 and of course a combat class around the mid 50's. You'll also need to fly to gather mats in HW, so you'll need to open all the aether currents in all the zones. You can do your grand company daily turn ins to help level your crafters as well, but yes, leveling the crafting classes is going to be a lot of work. You can PM me for more info if you'd like
    Thanks for the response, Im not quite that far behind lol I have flying and all the aether currents unlocked. I cant remember exactly how far into the quest i am but i did quit a month or 2 after the golden saucer was released so im caught up to story at that point.

     Something about the crafting in heavensword felt like such a grind, In the base game i had no problem leveling them to max but when heavensword hit i struggled. Anyway i should be able to get them caught up in 3 or so weeks

  • I want to play expansion what do i need to catch up on?

    Scorchien said:
    you can now pay your way right thru to the current ... Lame .. but so many tears from those lacking the intestinal fortitude to actual play the game ...
    All i want to know is do i have to do the story like i did for heavensword, which im fine with BTW lol I love questing in FFARR. The crafting jobs not so much and thats what i dread. Will i have to grind in heavensword content to bring my crafting jobs up to par?