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    rykerabel said:
    There is no option to rename or delete the accounts here.
    You have to enter a Sweepstakes , currently mmorpg is giving away 10 deluxe account deletions. 1 get one entry each day you log on.
  • Master Builder Servers Coming to Promote Building the Greatest Structures Possible - Dark and Light

    I Played D & L for like 3 weeks when it launched haven't touched it since, I might have to check out whats new, Great game and im sure its even better now
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Im for it!!! Aint nobody gonna take away my porn & throttle /pol/!!!!
  • PC Review - The Perfect Home for Your Guardian - Destiny 2 Review -

    Destiny 1.5, as it should be called, is not worthy of being called a new game. It's an xpac at best. An xpac that wipes your player and forgets completely the entire world you started in. It's easy mode in the extreme. Pretty much all of the story content you can just run past stuff and ignore it. Re-used models, same engine, small group content quickly exhausted. Standards are dropping even further if this is what AAA games are going to look like.

    The shooting mechanics are solid, but Bungie should have those down by now so not really surprising. And stop calling it an MMO. If you're going to call it GW 1 with guns then at least own the fact that GW1 was a Co-Op game not an MMO. There is nothing MMO about Destiny 2. Even the developers say it's not an MMO. Duh!

    So glad I didn't waste money on this one. If anyone wants to watch a real review of Destiny 2, watch this:

    You have quite the opinion on something you admit to never playing.  Video game forums are the only place on Earth this mentality is somewhat accepted. I can post a YouTube video claiming how great the game is.  

     Just to point out the crying you just did in this one post is more words then I have ever typed in my entire life on a video game I never played.  It's pretty pathetic kids cry this much about something they never played and or plan on playing.  Move on buddy there are plenty of other games out there for you.  

    Did I say I had never played it? No, I said I didn't buy it. That doesn't mean that I don't have access to a friend's copy which he kindly allowed me to play through before I made a decision on whether or not I would buy my own copy. After several hours of mind numbing repetitive boredom I started checking out reviews from sources I trusted to see if the game improved as it progressed and what I found only confirmed my fears.

    So, yes, I'm glad I didn't buy this game. Luckily for me I had a friend who let me have a good long play of the game so I could see for myself if I wanted to spend the money on it. It failed to impress me completely. That WAB video I linked is pretty much what I thought of the game after trying it out for myself, but he just does it in such an amusing way I thought some of the forum goers here might enjoy it.

    But thanks for the personal attack, the assumption that I'm a "kid" and your recommendation that I move on to another game. 1 out of 3 is better than none I suppose.
    Yeah ok you get called and claim "your friend" let you play.  I'll give you 2 out of 10 on your desperate backtrack.  
    Dude try decaf

  • PC Review - The Perfect Home for Your Guardian - Destiny 2 Review -

    Torval said:
    thunderC said:
    thunderC said:
    i find this game extremely boring, shame it wasn't on steam as id be eligible for a refund. I think i put in just about 2 hours
    Ok no offense but I'm calling BS here. Two hours? If true which I doubt that's your fault for not trying the free beta. You see this a lot these days. Someone jumping onto a forum claiming they put in an hour two hours or whatever and claiming the game sucks or it's boring.  It's very hard today to make that conclusion without showing your bias or agenda.  

    Nothing wrong with not liking a game but try and keep your obvious bias agenda out of it.  
    I actually did play the beta and "somewhat" enjoyed it. I'm not even sure why i bought it, I was very "meh" about the game. To be honest im not sure if your questioning whether i actually own the game or just making a case that im a fool for buying a game i didnt enjoy.... If its the latter i'll agree with you. Regardless i find the game boring extremely boring, Thats a FACT and my opinion.
    So where did it fall short for you compared to other semi-bullet sponge FPS? I'm not questioning that it didn't click for you or the validity of you opinion, but I do find it surprising given how the shooting and guns work amongst its peers.

    The gun play rivals most arena or map based team shooters. It's super realistic shooting and physics like R6:Siege or BF1, but there are 1 and 2 hit headshots, weaker enemies die to fewer hits while bosses have shields and armour to wear down first. There are varied tactics and reasons to use every kind of gun and type (kinetic, energy, power). Cover matters. It's fast and fluid much like a Quake game, but not that crazy frenetic.

    I can understand it not being a favorite but boring to the point where you wished for a refund did surprise me.
    The only 2 fps games im currently playing and enjoying are Rising Storm 2 Vietnam (Great vietnam era shooter) and Borderlands 2 

     Why do i feel like im being put on trial for simply not liking destiny 2 lol

    Am i the only person here who has ever put a few hours into a game and simply not liked it?