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  • Returning players with low FPS

    980ti 16gb ram 8350fx and 20 fps on ultra with little to no gain when switching to medium. Apparently this game is very CPU dependent but regardless i refused to believe 20 fps was acceptable even for my outdated 8350. After doing some research i discovered i was using the 32 bit client and a 64 bit launcher had been released some time around the last expansion. Boosted my FPS over 40 so I thought id share this for those of you experiencing similar fps problems.
  • Archos Herald - A Letter with Patches, Community & a Contest - Dark and Light -

    This is a fantastic game, Although its considered a survival game first it has MUCH MORE of a MMO feel to me. Feels very fresh and raw. A true sandbox and very immersive world. Game is a blast to play now despite its buggy state, cant wait to see how thise one develops over time. This game is far superior to Citadel, Ignore the negative review bombing on steam.
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  • Dark And Light vs Citadel: Forged With Fire

    citadel has got a ways to go in comparison to d/l
    This is pretty much my take away after spending time with both games yesterday

    Dark and Light to me is by far the superior game between to the two. Citadel is graphically impressive and runs smoother and much MUCH LESS BUGGIER than D & L. So how is D & L Superior you ask? Well its simply more fun to play, It feels much deeper and the world feels much more alive to me. The UI is fantastic and you just get , At least I do, a very dungeons and dragons type fantasy feel from D& L. Its hard to explain but i wasnt getting that from Citadel.
    Citadel to me was simply boring, It feels constrictive too. I couldnt climb mountains , I was forced from the outset to be a magic user, the mobs feel all thrown together in the forest with no ryme or reason, The gathering was dull all the oppisite of D &L.

        With all that said know what you getting into with D &L . On ultra setting at 2560 x1080 i get 15-32 fps . i HAVE A GTX 980TI and a 8350fx (I know its underpowered for the 980) but still performance is a issue for every one. D& L is also full of bugs and it often takes multiple attempts to log into the game ,the game can be really frustrating. But once you get into the game and start playing its a fun experience, Granted you like survival games but are sick of lazer dinosaurs,zombies or whatever else cliche survival game is out there. 

    Thats my take thus far, Iv put about 4 hours into Citadel and about 5 into D & L .
  • Dark And Light vs Citadel: Forged With Fire

    Citadel Forged with fire will be free OPEN BETA for 15 hours on steam starting at 9 am eastern Murican time.
  • I want to play expansion what do i need to catch up on?

    I just want to update my own post but i was crusing along finishing story quest after story when i hit the cock block . Just keep in mind you will need a ILVL of 230 to finish the story which really blows. Basically if you are not 230 you will need to grind for tome's to buy the gear. The good news is the grind is fairly casual and you should be able to get the gear needed in under 2 weeks. For me that sucks cause i wanted to blow through the story in the next few days in order to be able to grind carpenter and botanist to 60 before storm blood, Guess that wont be happening. 

    I like the idea you need to finish the story but they should really soften the requirments to buy 230 -265 gear, reduce the tome cost because this gear will be obsolete when the xpac hits anyway.