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  • Credible Sources Saying MHO Closing Friday, Not December 31st After All - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    I can't play games without visual gear upgrades , its what turned me off to this game. I hated the way skins/costumes worked in this game. Always thought it would have been way cooler to make your own hero or villain and fight with or against those in the comic book. Dc universe gets its right imo
  • Account Harsh Ban for improper naming?

    I usually push the envelope in MMO's with silly, immature sometimes borderline offensive names , My current Asuru in GW2 is named LongDong Schlong . I never go the route though of trying to be racist or intentionally trigger someone and trust me im no PC snowflake. But why be a douche ? something like hitler or the N word or any variation is obviously going to send someone into a rage or genuinely hurt them so whats the point? We play MMO's or games to escape the politics and tension of real life so why bring it in. 
  • PC Review - The Perfect Home for Your Guardian - Destiny 2 Review -

    Torval said:
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    Torval said:
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    thunderC said:
    i find this game extremely boring, shame it wasn't on steam as id be eligible for a refund. I think i put in just about 2 hours
    Ok no offense but I'm calling BS here. Two hours? If true which I doubt that's your fault for not trying the free beta. You see this a lot these days. Someone jumping onto a forum claiming they put in an hour two hours or whatever and claiming the game sucks or it's boring.  It's very hard today to make that conclusion without showing your bias or agenda.  

    Nothing wrong with not liking a game but try and keep your obvious bias agenda out of it.  
    I actually did play the beta and "somewhat" enjoyed it. I'm not even sure why i bought it, I was very "meh" about the game. To be honest im not sure if your questioning whether i actually own the game or just making a case that im a fool for buying a game i didnt enjoy.... If its the latter i'll agree with you. Regardless i find the game boring extremely boring, Thats a FACT and my opinion.
    So where did it fall short for you compared to other semi-bullet sponge FPS? I'm not questioning that it didn't click for you or the validity of you opinion, but I do find it surprising given how the shooting and guns work amongst its peers.

    The gun play rivals most arena or map based team shooters. It's super realistic shooting and physics like R6:Siege or BF1, but there are 1 and 2 hit headshots, weaker enemies die to fewer hits while bosses have shields and armour to wear down first. There are varied tactics and reasons to use every kind of gun and type (kinetic, energy, power). Cover matters. It's fast and fluid much like a Quake game, but not that crazy frenetic.

    I can understand it not being a favorite but boring to the point where you wished for a refund did surprise me.
    The only 2 fps games im currently playing and enjoying are Rising Storm 2 Vietnam (Great vietnam era shooter) and Borderlands 2 

     Why do i feel like im being put on trial for simply not liking destiny 2 lol

    Am i the only person here who has ever put a few hours into a game and simply not liked it?

    I said I'm not criticizing your choice. It's a discussion forum. You called the game extremely boring which I found odd so I asked why you thought that and then explained why I think it's at least on par with every other major shooter in its category. You don't have to agree.

    If you make comments like "It's extremely boring" with no explanation on a game discussion forum expect people who don't share the opinion to engage with you. I don't know how I could have phrased the question in any softer, safer, or more respectful manner.
    I found the enemies to be incredibly dull in both appearance ,repetitiveness & difficulty the whole loot & gear system feels like a copy paste from destiny 1 and the  enviroment i was in felt very restrictive and on rails (Rat in a maze from hub to hub feel. Now maybe all this changes past the 10th or 11th hour but unfortunately Im bored to tears and have no desire wasting 6 hours of my day to find out "if the game gets good"
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    I want challenge not difficulty. Bloodborne dark souls type hard is just frustrating and unenjoyable to me as was some of the older raids in vanilla WOW. At the same time alot of bosses in newer MMO's have just become mindless tank n spanks which isnt fun either. I think Final Fantasy does a somewhat decent job at difficulty. My sweet spot for difficulty is learning the fight through on screen q's as opposed to being so hard you have to spend 30 minutes researching how to beat a encounter. 

  • Returning players with low FPS

    980ti 16gb ram 8350fx and 20 fps on ultra with little to no gain when switching to medium. Apparently this game is very CPU dependent but regardless i refused to believe 20 fps was acceptable even for my outdated 8350. After doing some research i discovered i was using the 32 bit client and a 64 bit launcher had been released some time around the last expansion. Boosted my FPS over 40 so I thought id share this for those of you experiencing similar fps problems.