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  • Steam Ratings, Reviews, and The Bombing – Steam’s Histogram Puts All the Work Back on the User - MMO

    Xasapis said:

    Remove the scores? Sure, lets remove one of the few tools that users have to both accurately inform of the actual score of a game and influence the developers.

    It's a tool that some players abuse. There is a difference between having issues with a game and being pissy and trying to exact revenge. Hate those people. They bring down the community.

    I don't put any more credence in player reviews than I do with professional reviewers. Players can have just as much of an agenda. And the idea that some of these players are so disenfranchised because they aren't getting their way that they can go and negatively (or positively) sway reviews is just as bad as "paid reviews".

    I say take away the scores.
  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List -

    Lord of the Rings Online? The fact that this didn't make the list makes me sad. :(

    I played Lord of the Rings Online over World of Warcraft and even I wouldn't put it on this list.

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  • The Hand Grenade and the Hiding Place -

    Aori said:

    It is also important to not confuse toxicity for passion. Which many people do. Though passion can be toxic, still a lot of the time it isn't done out of maliciousness. The people who rush in are a reliable source of information, the consumers opinion no matter how dirty is valuable when making an informed decision.

    I was with you up to the toxicity/passion part.

    being toxic is being toxic.

    They give the hobby a bad name and create an image of a foul, misogynistic, racist, brats. Or some part thereof.
  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends -

    Torval said:
    This is jumping ahead a bit but I think they should tie an ARG (alternate reality games) into the show and into Secret World Legends both. That would accomplish game tie-in without it feeling contrived which is where most of these offerings land. It would also give people a chance to research related topics outside the show and game broadening their knowledge.
    That could also be a bit creepy. In a good way of course ...
  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends -

    J-Nius said:
    Sovrath said:
    J-Nius said:
    Although the news of such a series is exciting for entertainment purposes, is anyone at all excited about this for the wider exposure of truth it provides, or at least interest for truth? Are we all asleep zombies or are some of us awake?
    So what are you saying? What wider exposure of truth does it provided other than there is a series being planned and Funcom (assuming they control the sole rights) licensed this property?

    And why wouldn't people be excited about a "The Secret World Series"?
    What I mean to say is that the game is about strange events, world machinations, secret societies, fantastical possibilities. It would be great if we started questioning what we think is our reality a little more. This is not all fiction.

    Also, I did say that the news was exciting. It would simply be great if people thought of the subject of the series with more depth.
    That's definitely more clear as your previous post seemed very nebulous.

    As far as your believe that we should start questioning our reality, um "sure" with the caveat that some people are so eager for something more that they will buy into a lot of fantastical ideas with very little common sense applied.

    Base on the Moon, Apollo 11 hoax, or that Reptilians walk among us.