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  • WoW Player DDOSes Teammates to Secure Raid Spot for World First Hunt - World of Warcraft -

    So no prison, but a good caning is in order I think. The repeated info to his ass will make him think twice about doing it again.
    I had to laugh because I'm a bit tired (at work waiting for painters to finish) and I read your sentence as ...

    "... a good caring is in order ..."

    All I could think of was "is he suggesting a long hug?"
  • Bethesda & Lynda Carter Throw Shade at Other Publishers & Vow to #SavePlayer1 - Elder Scrolls Online

    Margrave said:
    I'd do anything Lynda Carter asked me to.
    She wants you to clean my bathroom ...
  • Elder Scrolls Online - What's in Store for Tamriel in 2018? -

    Renoaku said:
    Having no auction house / real trade helps to keep away gold sellers / spammers I couldn't care for it.

    But having a game with $100 USD house which is useless other than to look pretty simply because there is no Innovation, no uses for Wardrobes to store armor, consumables, even sit in chairs different animations, and even uses such as a house with a mine where players can go mine ores, plant farms etc.

    Totally useless this is what turned me away from ESO again its a good game story wise but the lack of innovation just isn't there paying $100 for a house that I will never actually do anything with.
    But why would you pay $100 for a house when there are so many houses you wouldn't need to pay for with "real money"?

    There are plenty of large houses you can pay for with your own earned "in game gold" if you wanted to do so.

    This just sounds like an excuse over the real issue. Which I imagine is that you don't like the housing system.
  • Gothic Fantasy MMO, Shadow's Kiss, Outpaces KickStarter Funding Goal - News

    I saw Gothic and was excited. Then I saw the article and realized it is this gothic not that Gothic if you know what I mean...
    You mean "this" gothic right? B)

  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    Sovrath said:
    Sovrath said:
    blamo2000 said:

    Unlike most people who seem to only like to be forced into grouping to do generic nonsense and consider that to be the pinnacle of MMO social interaction, I find that to just give truth to the lie there is any worth while social interaction in mmorpgs.  Its meaningless interaction and I avoid it as much as possible.  I have to deal with people all day at work, and if my interaction with them in games can't be of any significance (and trying to rp for no reason isn't significant either) I'd rather not do it.

    This is all on you isn't it? I mean, it sounds to me like you don't really "like" people so any interaction isn't going to be worth it to you.

    Now if it's just game play well, that's a tough nut to crack. Making "relevant" game play decisions for an entire server, and doing so consistently, is going to be tough. How many massive events can happen before players feel like they lose their luster and say "meh, I'll catch the next one".

    But the interaction with people is all about you finding meaning there. No one else can give it to you. Heck, I mostly solo and I can say that the group outings I've had in these games still stick with me to this day. It wasn't about what we were doing but how we were interacting with each other.
    This reads like a really stereotypical extrovert-introvert disconnect.
    When someone complains about not having meaning when playing with others then you have to look at a variety of things.

    If someone is an introvert and "playing with others" and not having a good time they need to look at game play AND the idea that they are in a game, playing with strangers, where they might not have anything in common with them.

    So if I'm given a situation where I'm "not" social and I'm not happy am I going to scratch my butt and shrug my shoulders or am I going to look at the real reason I'm not happy?

    He doesn't seem to understand that being with people is part of that interaction. If he can't appreciate it, understand it then of course he's going to think it's nonsense. He's not drawn that way so it falls past him, he doesn't get it. It's not meaningless interaction, it's just an interaction he doesn't value.

    You can have meaningful social interactions with strangers even if you don't generally like people.  You might even actively want to discover a few new people worth interacting with an make a new friend, despite usually disliking 90% of random people you meet.  In the same game, the same player might really enjoy grouping with someone who is already a friend, yet find forced grouping with strangers not only really unpleasant, but unsuited to starting a new friendship.  On top of that it's just generally frustrating when any game requires you to do something in a way you dislike or at a time you aren't in the mood for it, rather than flexibly letting a player choose activities within the game that they are in the mood for at that particular time.

    Meaning is relative and individual.  If you don't value it, it's meaningless for you.  For everyone, some social interactions are more meaningful than others, and it makes sense to want more of the meaningful ones and less of the meaningless ones.  Differences in game design can cause some games to have a much higher percent of pointless or outright bad social interactions.  Games with bad communication systems, for example, can make it almost impossible for people who meet casually in the game to have a real conversation.  Some games restrict conversation to the equivalent of tweets, with no way to leave a note for someone who isn't logged in and no way to have any long-term conversations like message boards or PMs.  Also, the faster paced a game's combat is, the more impossible it becomes to chat during combat unless you are using voice chat, and even then many people have difficulty multitasking conversation and fast gameplay.
    Which basically goes back to this being on him.

    If he "doesn't like people" or at least doesn't want to deal with them then he's essentially looking for the game to "provide his meaning". It doesn't. He complains. How about just not playing.

    I completely agree with your assessment as "meaning" IS personal. But you can't look to others to provide it. and you can't look to a game to provide it. Which is what I said. It's on him to find his own meaning.

    His post feels like another "games aren't want they used to be" post. Or maybe it's a "games were never what I wanted them to be post".

    So "yeah" he shouldn't do it. Shouldn't play them. "done" find something else to do.

    As far as your last sentence, it's not hard if you are using voice chat. Which I don't like but that's why people do it, so they can play and converse.

    A fix for that is have down time between encounters/fights. I'm just not sure game developers want to do that.