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  • The Boyfriend Dungeon Lets You Date Your Weapons...Yes, Really - News

    Kyleran said:

    This is from the Moonhunters guys, I expect it'll actually be pretty great.

    I can almost absolutely guarantee I won't be playing this.

    I don't do silly.
    Well, except your Avatar ... B)

    Go on, give the game a try, you know you want to. Do it after the family is asleep. They'll never know ...
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Iselin said:
    I'm kind of wondering what extra costs we're even referring to here.  It's not like the previous title released a decade ago..  So, inflation, I guess?
    I think there is an underlying perception that some believe is "economic truth" that since a loaf of bread cost "x" in 2000 and it costs "x+y" in 2017, everything else should follow the same pattern (never mind that wages, especially minimum wages don't... but that's a different discussion :) )

    When applied to game prices it ignores the explosion in the market that for example, made 100K players in an MMO in 2000 a success where that would be a colossal failure in 2017.

    Game prices have remained relatively the same simply because the volume of sales, without and equal volume of costs associated with the increased sales, has exploded. But there seems to be this casual folk wisdom going around that the prices should be higher because you know, bread costs more.

    Then the next step is to posit that we the consumers are cheap bastards and we need to be tricked into paying what we should be paying. Sure keep the box price at $69.99 just like 10 years ago but since we should be paying more (see above) the companies need to add microtransactions and loot boxes so they can charge that $99.99 average which is what they really "should be" charging.

    These things, expressed in simple twitter-friendly one liners, is what I see posted over and over again in any internet post trying to defend shady business practices in game we would otherwise want to play. 
    While there's truth to that and it's a good point, there are other reasons why prices go up. It's not "all about development costs" and "fiscal projections" incorporate a lot of things. Salaries go up, rents go up, Utilities go up.

    So yeah, if 100k people used to buy games (obviously not an accurate number) and now 1 million people buy games (not an accurate number) then companies are making more money than ever before.

    But as I keep saying these are large, publicly traded companies. They don't just sit there looking at what's coming in and saying "well geez guyz, we're making ever so much money, we can just consider ourselves a success!".

    No, they are saying "1 million people buy games now therefore the market shows us that we can expect to make this much money because more people are buying games which means let's beat it!"

    That's how it works. If the know that they can make x amount of dollars because of increased sales then that's the new normal to beat.

  • South Park The Fractured But Whole Review - A Super Heroic Fart Fest - The RPG Files -

    SBFord said:
    My daughter has it preloaded and can't wait. She's just bummed I'm going to make her go to school on release day. :D
    You should also make sure she does all her homework when she gets home and THEN do chores and THEN if there is time she can play B)

    She'll love you for it, I promise!
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 4.1 First Thoughts -

    DeadSpock said:
    Been a mmorpg gamer since 2003 and few real life friends as well we started at same time none of us care at all about housing. I don't understand how so many people care about housing in a mmorpg. Do you like playing with dolls too? I'm in for the combat part or I would play sims if not.
    Has to do with being engaged in the world and having a place in the world over just "appearing" after a login screen.

    Probably more for people who are more interested in the world aspect than just a "game".
  • Starting Cities

    waynejr2 said:
    Sovrath said:
    Amathe said:
    Sovrath said:

    And that person's friends can run to meet him/her as well.

    Solo. Got it. 
    It's weird to say that people have to be with people/around people every single moment of the game experience. Especially if this is supposed to be "a world".

    Heck, I live in a city and I can walk down certain streets at certain times of the day and not see people.

    And some people go to the bathroom in groups!  haha.
    Ok, you win this round ...