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  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Torval said:

    I don't care what other people call themselves, what they do, or what they play. I know what MMORPG means to me. I get how other MMOs and multiplayer games are different. I just don't care about those semantics because they don't affect how and what I play.

    People on here can call D2 and MMO all they want and it means nothing to me because why should it? On the 24th I'm going to shoot things with other people online.

    If you want to trip up over someone being wrong on the internet, it's your time. It still won't get you the game you want to play. Do you want to spend your energy telling people they're labeling things wrong or do you want to spend it getting games you like to play made? Maybe you've got time and energy for both. There is Pantheon and CU coming soonish. That should be encouraging.

    That's how I am. Heck, if the industry decided to call mmorpg's "Green Eggs and Ham" one day I would then say "ok, great, going to play myself some Green Eggs and Ham, yes I am!"

    I wonder if you have a point there about players "not getting the game they want to play".

    As if all these arguments are really a reaction from people who are not getting the games they want and insisting on very strict definitions (though in some ways I think this is a gamer thing) is their way of solidifying what an mmorpg is because by not doing that the original definition might be forgotten and no one will ever make one "like they used to" ever again.

    As if by sticking to the original definition there is still a chance someone might still make one.
  • What's the biggest jerk thing you've ever done in a video game to another person.

    I never did any stuff like that. If I pk'ed someone it was always because they attacked me first and therefore they were "game" or that we were at war with them.

    I used to do more stuff like show new players around and give out money and gear.

    I'm just not wired that way.

    Cool you could take out higher level players in Diablo!
  • Starting Cities

    Amathe said:
    Here is one way to resolve the issue.

    1. Let players start their character out in any city;

    2. If the city is hostile to your race and class, upon log in (to an empty room) you will have a clickable temporary disguise in your backpack;

    3. The disguise allows you to move about the city without being attacked on the basis of your faction;

    4. You will appear to be someone indigenous to that city (so if you are an orc in a hobbit city, you will appear to be a hobbit);

    5. Again, the disguise is temporary (maybe for just 24 hours, or to level 5 - something short);

    6. Now you can find your friends in town, adventure with them some out in the noobie area, and head out to discover other places and cities together (with all the intended challenges).

    No fast travel required. 
    I would say there shouldn't be a disguise but that the player has to sneak, hide, skulk in order to get around OR if there is a disguise then in certain instances there is a chance someone might see through it.

    If someone is in a hostile city then the game play should reflect that. That could actually be very exciting.
  • The Evil Within 2: The Early Bits - Not So MMO -

    "To make matters even stranger there is classical music playing in the background."


    Nothing strange about that at all. Come to my place you'll hear it all the time.
  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    Asheram said:
    Sovrath said:
    Asheram said:
    TaishiFox said:
    OMG like this hasn't been before in other buy to play games? get over it! to me this is just like having a micro DLC, quit bloody whining about this stuff, its so toxic in this community.
    So this game is now categorized with GW2 and ESO now both of which are buy to play games got it.
    Well, technically they are buy to play games but I know what you mean. B)
    When you finish SoW please come back and report please I will wait for your review. The good, the bad and the ugly. :)
    Done and done!