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  • What is the best game to play long after it was released?

    Well, I still play Morrowind and Skyrim.

    Also Masters of Orion II and Andromeda

  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    Talonsin said:

    I understand game developers are working and need to make money but at what point are the drivers for the company (the investors and CEO) getting greedy?

    Activision - NET Revenue last year over 3 billion
    EA - NET revenue last year of almost a billion

    When will it ever be enough? 
    fine, I'll just, um, yeah ... I'll just leave this here ...

    and this ...
  • Visceral Games Closing, Star Wars Title Heads to EA Montreal - News

    Shaigh said:

    SBFord said:

    The destruction of independent and creative studios continues. How many now lie in the garbage heap beneath the EA towers?

    What independent studio are you talking about, when they released dead space 1 the studio was called EA redwood shores.

    She's not saying they are independent, merely noting that "independent AND/OR creative studios close under the EA name".
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    laserit said:
    SBFord said:
    laserit said:
    Torval said:

     People just don't care about right and wrong anymore and I find that sad.
    Starts at the top and works its way down.
    Blizzard consistently shows its attention to "caring" with millions donated to charitable causes on a yearly basis -- and those are just the initiatives that we know about.

    That aside, it isn't good business to "care" -- a hyperbolic word used in regard to financial ventures, to say the least -- about a project that isn't financially worth the investment. The job of any business is to make money for themselves and their investors. If they could make enough to offset the cost of hosting and updating for vanilla servers, they would without one single doubt.
    My comment pertains to NA society, @Torval is correct. 

    I have no criticism towards Blizzard on this topic.

    Interestingly enough, I'm in the opening round of defending one of my trademarks I've held for over twenty five years against a big US corporation who wants to use it for one of their new products that doesn't have an overlap against mine. My opening response is constructive, I'm worried they're going to try steal it through muscle and attrition.

    We'll see how the negotiations go. 

    I don't have a lot of empathy towards Big Corps. With they're $muscle$ they can and do steal IP's.

    That's awful. I hope you win.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Torval said:

    I don't care what other people call themselves, what they do, or what they play. I know what MMORPG means to me. I get how other MMOs and multiplayer games are different. I just don't care about those semantics because they don't affect how and what I play.

    People on here can call D2 and MMO all they want and it means nothing to me because why should it? On the 24th I'm going to shoot things with other people online.

    If you want to trip up over someone being wrong on the internet, it's your time. It still won't get you the game you want to play. Do you want to spend your energy telling people they're labeling things wrong or do you want to spend it getting games you like to play made? Maybe you've got time and energy for both. There is Pantheon and CU coming soonish. That should be encouraging.

    That's how I am. Heck, if the industry decided to call mmorpg's "Green Eggs and Ham" one day I would then say "ok, great, going to play myself some Green Eggs and Ham, yes I am!"

    I wonder if you have a point there about players "not getting the game they want to play".

    As if all these arguments are really a reaction from people who are not getting the games they want and insisting on very strict definitions (though in some ways I think this is a gamer thing) is their way of solidifying what an mmorpg is because by not doing that the original definition might be forgotten and no one will ever make one "like they used to" ever again.

    As if by sticking to the original definition there is still a chance someone might still make one.