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  • Bethesda Hiring for 'Bleeding-Edge AAA Freemium Game' - News

    Well, as long as it's "Bleeding Edge ..."
  • Pearl shop discount for rookies! (BDO)

    Raven said:
    As someone who is interested in trying this game again, what are the essential stuff you guys would advise in getting out of the way? I think last time I bought 2 pets to pickup loot in the shop but nothing else, is there anything else that is just essential QoL that I might as well get as soon as I install?
    If you can have at least 3 pets that would be good. Sometimes you can buy it off the market for in game money but you might have to advertise that in chat as I don't often see pets (sometimes).

    You will get loyalty points and eventually you can spend those on things like Weight. That can also be purchased in the cash shop. However, you can actually work on getting your weight up in game so you might want to hold off on Weight in the cash shop.
  • BDOs expansions - a game design problem

    DMKano said:
    Sovrath said:
    DMKano said:

    Valencia - the beginning of crappy expansions - introduced the large desert as well as IMO too many systems that kill the fun, like sand storms, no map, debuffs during the night and day that are a nuissance and require water and tea to combat.

    I thought this was awesome!

    I want more of this in games.

    How much time have you spent in Valencia?

    IMO this is one of those things that sounds cool on paper but in actual gameplay it sucks as its just a nuissance that ultimately turns players off.

    Game design should encourage players to to enjoy the content, not put in systems that make it annoying without any benefit.

    Who knows I don't keep track. Then again, I strongly suspect I don't play these games like other people play these games. You know, always looking to be rewarded, staying in one spot because it's the best xp, etc.

    And yes as I said, I enjoy that content. I enjoy looking for landmarks to help me get to a certain place. I never got the compass as for some reason the quest giver doesn't have that quest for me. I suspect I missed something along the way (I think THAT is bad design).

    But that's the issue isn't it? Different audiences wanting different types of experiences/content. I'm more interested in a world than a game.

    Kind of what I thought these things would be when I first heard of "mmo's".
  • Ever thought of quitting games due to not enough time?

    Also, Sorvath, back in 2003 to 2012 I lived probably within an hour of you in Boston Metropolitan area, now I'm in california :)

    Awww so you left our mercurial weather patterns and unseasonable death storms for sun and fun?

    Well, this is what you are missing! EAT YOUR HEART OUT YOU SUN KISSED HIPPY!


  • Ashes of Creation using Assets from "MMO Starter Kit"?

    Here is the MMO Starter Kit. Notice the health bars and inventory. You can purchase it here.

    Here are images of the assets in the Monster Coin System Preview

     I don't think that's really fair.

    How long does it take to quickly use some pre-made assets that are pretty much for function as opposed to having your artists sit down (and I suppose a programmer) and make one.

    Especially as they want to get a working game up and running as soon as possible.

    Players really are their own worst enemy. They want AAA looking titles that operate like Indy Titles, that don't cost them much to anything, they want these games to be put together quickly and they want them great.

    They extol the virtues of tools that allow actual indy developers to put together games but you can't use those tools because that means they are thieves and less than.

    It's become a bit ridiculous.