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  • Poll: Hunger and Thirst Bars in an MMORPG?

    Sovrath said:
    A big fat "NO" from me. 

    Hunger and thirst in games is pointless. You start off normal and then deteriorate, eating and drinking just bring you back to normal. You're entire motivation is to prevent a negative consequence, there is nothing positive about it at all. 

    Beyond that, the typical game loops around eating and drinking are usually boring as fuck. Harvest, craft and eat, most of which is just looking at progress bars. It's not fun. All it does is add an additional chore to a game with no positive outcome. 

    I don't mind food that adds buffs, that's fine, but a simple hunger / thirst mechanic? no thanks
    So why not just add positives as well? And what’s wrong with normal? If normal means tip top fighting shape then that’s a good thing 
    I feel like you've missed the point. 

    If you add positives, it's no longer hunger and thirst mechanics, it's something else. There is nothing wrong with normal, but I was already normal, the game is now just making me worse unless I eat or drink, two things that are boring as fuck in computer games. 

    So, at no point during the hunger and thirst cycle am I doing anything fun. It's boring to do, doesn't enhance my character, doesn't progress anything. It's just a pointless mechanic, so why bother at all?
    That doesn't make any sense. wtf do you eat?

    If I eat an amazing, healthy meal then I feel "amazing and healthy and not bloated down". If I eat a lot of pizza then it's good for a bit but it doesn't make me feel great. If I eat something like Pasta that isn't going to do it for me except stave off hunger.

    So positives such as giving the character added energy completely feeds into (pun intended) a hunger/thirst system.
  • Update 32 Brings New Systems and Items In - Conan Exiles -

    Sovrath said:

    I love this game.

    Is it that good??  How's the exploration and combat?  Not a huge fan of the crafting focus in most survival titles.

    Well, you have to understand, I'm more for the "world" sort of game and less about "a game".

    For example, I normally hate crafting in most mmorpg's but I love it in this game. To me the crafting has more meaning, especially working on my temple (I am playing on my own little server).

    I've enjoyed what exploration I've done as it was neat to discover a cave that had this miasma of evil inside it. I decided to wait until they've released the game "full" before I scour the entire map.

    There was a neat sunken underwater tablet that I never would have found if not for a friend.

    So yeah, so far seems neat but it's the building that I really like. I like that I have to eat and drink water.

    It's more like what I thought mmorpg's would be before I started.

    The combat is "better" than when the game first started but still has a ways to go. The Aesthetics are spot on.

  • Update 32 Brings New Systems and Items In - Conan Exiles -

    I love this game.
  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    Sovrath said:
    Sovrath said:
    Sovrath said:
    Doesn't offend me at all (heck, so many movies i the 70's showed at LEAST as much), but it really is unnecessary and I agree "amateur hour" or at least someone who doesn't know when to turn off his 14 year old self.

    I'd be very surprised if it was a woman who made this.

    This is the problem, the rot, in video games. Too many little boys who go unchecked. No matter their age.

    Again, not an issue, I'm for games that show this if they are a type of game that is based on this type of art design (which sadly means men but tit for tat) but for a game like this I'm surprised it made it into the files.
    Honestly I think it has less to do with prepubescent giggling than post modern lack of taste. There is a place for Leisure Suit Larry, not that anyone would survive making such a game in today's society that is both puritanical and awash in pornography. There's just no sense what is  appropriate or attractive any more. It's a Mylie Cyrus world. 
    Except "lack of taste" has always been a part of the human condition.

    Having male genitalia "pointing the way" to brothels in Pompeii (on the building walls and sidwalks), risque chanson in the renaissance and the appearance of decorum on the outside while behaving otherwise behind closed doors in the Victorian era are just a few examples.

    Anything that's going on now has gone on before. We're just more publicly acquainted with it because of how media/the internet spreads information.

    That vulgarity has always existed is no reason to accept it as commonplace. Men have been waving their junk at women unbidden for as long as there have been men and women. That doesn't make it innocent and unremarkable as so many have recently rediscovered. Some things are civilized and some aren't.
    That's not my point. You said it had to do with "postmodern lack of taste" and my point is that this "lack of taste has always been there".

    Sure! No one wants to have something thrust into their face or get groped or anything like that, against their will nor should they have to suffer through that.

    But It is not a new thing and certainly not post modern or modern or anything along those lines.

    The only thing post modern here is the outrage it's causing. We're so prudishly cultured that we seek out things to find sexually offensive. Even if it's not sexual in and of itself. PUBG hasn't expressed anything sexual. Prudes simply have a warped sense of sexuality.

    We're gradually moving towards a politically correct world where even "artistic nude drawings" will be classified as explicit pornography. Down the rabbit hole we go.
    Again, all this has happened before.

    There is nothing new here and you need not think that we are moving towards a permanent Politically correct world any more than the Victorians embraced their own "political correctness" and societal morals even though the truth is that there was always another side to that coin and their own counterculture.

    But then, a bit later, and with the help of World War I we had the Belle Epoque era. And then later the 20's. Talk about NOT politically correct. yeah yeah, 40's and 50's. Oh wait, 60's and especially 70's. Etc. In any case, I'm sure there were people all angry with Victorian stuffed shirt morals thinking the world was moving toward moral correctness but then "oh noes" Moulin Rouge!

    The pendulum always swings. If you don't look at history then you are really doomed to be forever pissed off.

  • Pantheon, what are you expecting ?

    Im expecting something similar to Everquest and Vanguard but I have my doubts that kind of game can work in 2016-17
    It can work if the people who want that type of game play it. I know I am ready to stop playing Black Desert (and most likely Elder Scrolls Online though I only play that as single player) and just jump into this.

    I'm tired of "modern mmorpg's". I've gone back to some of the old games but Everquest seems clunky (I was not one of its earlier players) they changed Lineage 2 too much. Dark Age of Camelot seemed like a good fit but I found i was spamming skills and not really playing well. I wasn't clear at what my skills were actually doing.

    Starting off at the beginning as part of the community should be nice. I'm hoping the game is more like Vanguard in respect to the exploration as I loved that game.

    I actually downloaded the private server but had huge technical issues (mostly lag) when playing it so it was unplayable for me.

    This game seems to me to be a dream. It's not perfect but it fits the bill.