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  • Star wars server merges happend yesterday, claim your name.

    If SWTOR would die, there will be no Star Wars MMORPG the coming years.

    EA has exclusive rights to create Star Wars related games until 2024. And from them you only get microtransaction/lootbox based multiplayer games. Which comes down to SW Battlefront 3 and 4.
    I enjoyed SWTOR. Until they did that Fallen Empire shit. That is NOT Star Wars. Hence,  there is no Star Wars game, only one that bears the name but bares little resemblance to the IP. 
  • Classic wow will make noobs cry

    DMKano said:
    DMKano said:
    DMKano just stop you are embarassing yourself, im actually laughing out loud when i read your bad.

    Blizzard Activision is a publicly traded company - their motivation is seeing their stock price go up.

    Its about money.

    Are you that naive that you think they would waste any resources on projects that wont make them money?


    A publically traded billion+ dollar company is doing something to benefit a niche playerbase, because they are ..... nice?


    All your logic about WoW Classis in numerous threads were destroyed BADLY, you are repeating em every 2nd page, no1 ever said Blizzard is not a money hungry company, if you understood bussiness you would know that its not even in their hands any more, they did go public long long long long time ago.

    I said this before, if it was up to them there would BE NO VANILLA SERVER, so now after 8years of saying NO they said YES, just to bring something that nobody wants back? sorry dude but as i said before your logic is dogbleep.

    What is 100% going to happen is last Vanilla patch polished, and by that i mean they will change things that dont affect the gameplay in any way, just change the gamebrakeing things that just MAKE SENSE even for most hardcore Vanilla player. Ill give you a possible example a 30minute shield wall changed to 5 minutes?

    You can keep trying to assert ur bad logic and nitpick all you want, but if you watch the announcement and read the interview like i asked you, you would have no more things to say.

    You are completely not understanding - the reason why they said YES finally is because they figured out how to make Classic servers worth it their dev time and how to make money off it.

    That is the ONLY reason why they are saying yes now.

    My entire argument is that in order to make money of Classic - the servers won't be 100% Vanilla like you claim.

    Nope - what they are going to actually DELIVER (regardless of what they are saying NOW) is going to be something a lot more appealing to masses other than purists who want 100% vanilla servers.

    Did I make myself clear this time?

    What board meeting did you sit in on at Blizz to get a clear understanding of what and what did not motivate Blizz execs to peruse this? 

    Why are you on this crusade to crap all over this? There are a lot of people who want this including me, but clearly you are threatened by this move.

    I wonder why.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Blizzard Announces Vanilla Servers - World of Warcraft -

    Iselin said:


  • CCP Taking a Hard Look at Clone States for Future Improvement - EVE Online -

    Kyleran said:

    You post nonsense.....I mean that chart is literal, unqualified nonsense, then call people a loser for questioning it?

    Did you really expect more from the average EVE Online player? They're the kind of people who make a mess in public restrooms because they think it's funny some poor kid earning minimum wage has to clean it up.
    Actually they are the people who buy your company and let everyone go, selling off the hard assets for cash.

    Then they laugh while driving by all the poor people standing in the unemployment office line.

    Yep, evil geniuses, every one.


    And here's proof

  • CCP Taking a Hard Look at Clone States for Future Improvement - EVE Online -

    You post nonsense.....I mean that chart is literal, unqualified nonsense, then call people a loser for questioning it?