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  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List -

    But this is the thing......Even if GW2's story was the best story out there, (It's not the worst either) and even if you love how they implemlemented the story with regard to leveling a character, it doesn't actually DRIVE anything. IT's there as an option if you want to experience it.  And, persoanlly, I prefer this method and I rather liked how they incorporated the story into the game (not saying I liked the actual story though, just how they built it into the game) as optional as opposed to FFXIV where it became mandatory for leveling. But that doesn't make the game "Story Driven" It's not, the story is optional. You can play all other aspects of GW2 without the story. Again, that's my preference, but you still can't define GW2 as "Story Driven". That definition runs counter to GW2's design which was supposed to be "Play how you want".
    FFXIV is story driven. SWTOR is story driven. GW2 is not.
  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List -

    PinoX said:

    Big part of GW2 story was literally ruined by this dude. No, it doesn't deserve to be number 1. No matter how driven it was, standing beside Trahearne in instances just plain blows. I got this sensation i wanted to rinse my brain with borax just to forget him.
    You mean considering you were the sidekick in his story?
  • World of Warcraft - Five Things Blizzard Needs to Leave Behind in Legion -

    The next expansion can start with everyone waking up in Shattrath at level 70 again and just call it all one big bad dream.
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  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    There's no real debate here.  There are two sides to this; the people who recognize what a MMO is and the people who don't.  The people who don't may classify Destiny 2 as a MMO and they may also decide that Chicken is Sea Food, but either way they're fucking wrong.
    I personally don't give a shit....really I don't...... But I am bored so.......

    Grammatically, it's not an MMORPG.

    Massive(LY) (adv) - Multiplayer
    Multiplayer (adj) - game
    Online (adj) - game
    Role (adj) Technically, this should be hyphenated with "playing" to form a compound adj.
    Playing see previous
    Game (N) and the subject

    This is means it turns the word Massive from  an adjective into an Adverb. This means it CANNOT be used to describe the word "game" in this context. It's a Adverb so it can only be used to describe an adjective or a verb.

    The context has it describing Multiplayer. So, it's not Game that is massively. It's not Online that is massively.....the statement is saying that Mutiplayer is what is massively. Meaning the amount of players online together at the same time.

    That being said......If that's how it's being described, then WTF do I care. If people want to speak incorrectly, they should at least be aware of The English Language's rules, instead of carrying on in ignorance.

    And yes, I admit, this is a reverse troll post.....I think......not sure.

    In any event, the definition is not subjective.
  • World of Warcraft - Five Things Blizzard Needs to Leave Behind in Legion -

    Only need 4.

    1. Cata
    2. MoP
    3. WoD
    4, Legion