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  • CU rekindled my interest in MMORPGs

    cameltosis said:

    Finally, both games suffer from one very serious problem: narrow focus. 

    With both games, you log in then you pvp. That's pretty much it. That is the core activity and that what most people will be doing most of the time. If you aren't a crafter, that's pretty much all you'll ever do. Repeating the same activity for days / months / years gets boring. If you aren't in the mood for PvP, there will be little reason to log in. You can't just go level an alt, grind some quests, do some casual crafting. You're either a PvPer, or a crafter, nothing in between. 

    Thus, if the PvP has any significant flaws, it's game over. Also, if the combat mechanics pretty much require you to be in a group (like WAR and DAoC), soloers will leave asap, and solo players make up most of the MMO market. 
    While it is true that if they don't get the PVP right the whole game will die, it is also true that everything revolves around it, so there is no need to balance PVE and PVP, there is no raiding community holding back the needed nerfs or buffs, which means that, even in the worst case scenario of a poorly implemented PVP system, fixing it should be easier than it is for a standard MMO that caters to both crowds.

    Also I think it very much depends on how each player likes to play a game: I am one of those players who only play one aspect of a certain game, for example in WOW, despite trying many times to, I never delved into battlegrounds or arenas, yet when I played SW:TOR at launch I focused almost exclusively on PVP.
    Some of us prefer the change of scenery when we get bored, only to come back with renewed enthusiasm a couple of months later.

  • This is hysterical, Richard Garriot is making fun of President of the United States in his game.

    Makes me wonder: if the game was released 5 years ago and for some reason the developers wanted to "make fun" of the previous president, what would they have had to do? The NPC would have had to speak like a cohesive, rational and well educated man. 

    Phineas Drumplemouth instead talks like a deranged, illiterate and self-centered man. What stands out to me is that, even without any actual reference, just by the way he talks, it seems so obvious that he's inspired by Trump. 
  • What graphics?

    Maybe, if graphics' quality is so important, this is the wrong genre to look for it?

    Am I the only who doesn't give a rat's ass about graphics quality in an MMO? Fast-forward two weeks and you stop even noticing the details, the FPS-drops though stick around until you quit...
  • Vanilla World of Warcraft, if released today would be #1

    I played a "pirate" server last year and I have to admit, while the game was pretty much the same, the experience was very different. If it was a new game released today, my experience, compared to 10 years ago, would be drastically different.

    More than anything else it's how streamlined everything is nowadays: Best In Slot lists so every class knows what to farm when they hit cap, well documented Top Farming Spots, a clear idea of which classes are "best" to run each type of content.

    For me, the best part of the experience at WoW's release, while I had been playing MMOs before it, was the unknown and how little most players cared about FotM and optimal gameplay. You would get a feral druid with agility gear as a healer and you would do your best to make it work, because the druid would actually talk to you and explain why he had such gear, having a conversation with another player leads to friendship. Today, or at least from what I have experienced last year, this does not happen: if you are not playing your class in the most efficient way you are out. And out of what anyway? A group would just run the content without much talking, like it happens on the live version with its LFG and LFR galore.

    Wow Vanilla would not be #1 today; times have changed.
  • Massively Sums Up Shroud - "

    Shame it turned out to be such a disappointment. At least we can't say that Garriott didn't bleed to see this game through *BA DUM TSS*