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  • Could a game with 100% gear progression and 0% level progression work?

    World of Warcraft imho already works like that.
  • Microtransactions & the 19-Year-Old Who Spent $13,000 - News

    The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that basically tells you "it may sound like a good idea now, but it actually isn't". This part of the brain can take up to 25 years to fully develop and it is one of the reasons why teenagers embark into reckless activities that should be obviously avoided by any adult.
    Some people here have been bring up IQ scores and parents culpability as the cause for this, and while it is not completely wrong, ignoring the fact that kids should be treated differently isn't going to solve anything. You can't expect to have gambling, alcohol or drugs handed freely to under-age kids because they cause addiction even in adults, whose prefrontal cortex is fully developed.

    We make the mistake of thinking that the brain is just a tool we use to take decisions but in truth the brain is all we are. Every though comes from a chemical reaction in it. If teenagers don't have the tools to deal with "gambling" as adults have, you can't blame them.
    If a friend of yours started suffering from epileptic seizures and the authorities would take away his driving licence, the normal reaction of a human being is to think "It's right, he should not be allowed to drive because he might be a danger to others, but I am sorry for him", You don't feel satisfaction if he lost his licence because of a problem inside his brain.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Funny how there seems to be no game around, openly labelled as pay-to-win. Every time a game is under scrutiny for bordering the p2w area, someone always finds the silver-lining: "Relax folks, this LOOKS like p2w, but let me explain to you why it isn't."
    Really glad that this Star Wars is not pay to win, too bad it is EA otherwise I would have tried it...
  • This is hysterical, Richard Garriot is making fun of President of the United States in his game.

    Makes me wonder: if the game was released 5 years ago and for some reason the developers wanted to "make fun" of the previous president, what would they have had to do? The NPC would have had to speak like a cohesive, rational and well educated man. 

    Phineas Drumplemouth instead talks like a deranged, illiterate and self-centered man. What stands out to me is that, even without any actual reference, just by the way he talks, it seems so obvious that he's inspired by Trump.