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  • The Last Jedi DLC Comes Today + Poor Sales Cut Profit Estimates Sharply - Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Warlyx said:

    12,5M copies sold? ppl still fall for EA crap

    It will take time. Taking into account that the average consumer most likely have no idea about the shit that's been going on with EA and people, like SB said, will buy into cause it's Star Wars. Also on top of that the removal of MTX made some people reconsider buying it.

    Even though it maybe small, an impact was made. the game released is far from what EA wanted to release in terms of monetization. I feel if people keep on talking about MTX into 2018, in time a bigger impact could be made.
  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    kitarad said:

    How come men's body parts don't get so emphasized in games?

    you kinda do

  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    Viper482 said:
    I cannot fathom why anyone would defend what has transpired with SC. Man no wonder politics all over the world is so corrupt, when the population is this naïve it is like blood in the water for the sharks. 
    Depends how you see it. At the end of the day, imho, it's a crowdfunded game. in it's simplest form is, you're putting money into someones dream. A dream can come true or not, but it's your choice from the very start weather or not you want to be part of.

    I can't compare it to EA and Activitsion tbh, when you have one that patents an idea to place players in a situation that they get battered by a paying player and hoodwinked into thinking they need those items to win and another that throttles your game-play behind the scenes in hopes of you purchasing more items. 

    What exactly has transpired? Delays? Not the greatest management? If that's it, then I wouldn't say things have transpired to the point it needs to be compared to politics. I've seen a lot of assumption of things transpiring, but nothing has happened.

    This is why I haven't gotten involved in SC threads cause it just feels like hot air being blown about from both sides. The projects trucking along, you can either get involved or not, it's your choice ate the end of the day and, to me, that's the big difference.   
  • Petition rapidly growing for EA to lose Star Wars license passes 110k signers.

    Herase said:
    rofl yeah I'm the naive one. That's too fucking rich. My post doesn't address that at all, for a very good reason, because it's irrelevant. They're not going to 'get out of the contract' because you want them to. Deal with it.
    Maybe or maybe not. I do think if EA cause more problems like they did with BF2 where Disney had to tell them to "chill the fuck out", we could probably see them losing it.

    I think if it causes enough commotion with customers to the point, press and other outlets start talking about it, bringing more bad press to the IP, I don't think it's unreasonable to think Disney might call it quits.

    imho I think out right denying that anything could happen at this point is a little unreasonable, not saying it's a high chance at all, it could be 1%, but the fact they've been called out by Disney once, means it can happen again and I think if repeats, they could lose it or something else.

     Disney didn't pay 4 billion dollars to own the most lucrative IP in the world so that a bunch of internet plebs can tell them what they need to do with it. And Disney certainly isn't going to completely alienate the only developer likely willing to pay them what these rights are actually worth because of "Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble." The only thing unreasonable here is even entertaining that you have any say in multi million dollar transactions of massive billion dollar media conglomerates. You don't in this case and you never will. There's also a non zero probability that you will suddenly disappear from your computer chair and suddenly appear on Mars, but the difference is you're not here pretending to know something about quantum mechanics so thankfully we can avoid that equally ridiculous conversation.  

    But thanks for the laugh anyways fellas.
    Damn, just sharing my thoughts, never claimed anything. Didn't have to be a dick about it, fucking hell lol
  • Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts, EA's Stocks Lose Over $3.1 Billion in a Month - SW Battlefront 2 News

    Albatroes said:
    EA's explanation as to why they couldn't add cosmetics to loot boxes....this was good laugh:

    Love jims take on this whole thing. He's great at calling out the BS