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  • Hawaiian Legislators Call EA Loot Boxes a 'Predatory Practice' - Star Wars: Battlefront II - MMORPG.

    Bet every company who had loot boxes before this is looking at EA like that kid in class who reminds the teacher that there was homework to be handed in xD
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  • EA Wins Dubious Honor as Most Downvoted Reddit Post Ever for Star Wars Battlefront 2 - MMORPG.com

    Not surprised, when you make a comment like

    "The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes."

    But then allow people to pay to skip it, you're asking for trouble.

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  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Viper482 said:

    Dude, just because something is available in game does not mean there is no p2w. Ask yourself how much time it would take you to earn enough in game money to buy a ship that costs $850 in real life money. Do you think this is going to be something you can grind for an hour to get? Meanwhile your boy out there with deep pockets is zipping around slaying with his  five thousand dollar ship inventory. You may catchup....eventually. Like dude said....good luck with that.

    This mess is just not good for pc gaming.
    Agree with the you first line, just because you can get doesn't mean anything (Bf2 for example)
    But, the point I think he's making is even if they paid that money for the ship, doesn't mean they will have the advantage, as we don't have full information on how the mechanics work, so we can only assume, we can't place it down as a fact, which a lot of people seem to be or trying to do.

    It's a fair assumption due to other games, but then you have games like EVE where you can buy to your hearts content, but due to how the game is set up, it means nothing.

    Overall he's asking people to keep an open mind and not just jump to the conclusion that this is how it's going to be.

    Also another thing to considered, which Izzin pulled up and based on something we know, is ship up keep. Meaning your boy with deep pockets probably won't be able to even fly he's ship or keep using them because he won't be able to keep it functioning, fuel, maintenance, etc. While a person using the starter ship, I would assume, is earning all those things by playing the first few stages of the game and learning how things work.

    If anything I would see it as a disadvantage, because you're most likely expending a ton of resources and money than you would be with a starter ship.  REsulting in your progression taking a hit than someone who started normally. Tbh I wouldn't be shocked if many people assumed what you said and ended up stranded due to not being able to keep the ship going and becoming sitting targets for people in starters ships as they already have the essentials and weaponry 

  • Star Citizen - Alpha 3.0 out to Evocati player testers

    Talonsin said:
    Just like I said in an earlier post, if you dont agree that SC is the greatest game in the universe and have any thing to say that is not positive, you are a hater.

    Is that you Max?
    Oh come the fuck on, no ones said you have to be always positive, actually would like some back and forth discussions, the only reason is seems the way you think, is because you guys are constantly negative and i mean constantly, no matter what the discussion.

    This topic is a prime example, it was just showing informing us of an update and you guys just jump in scream it's misleading info, it's a plot to take money, rodarin going on a mad tangent that he has sources saying this patch is BS (which took two people to actually get him to read the bloody thing). I'm just siting here like......What? The patch isn't even been out at day yet.

    It's fine if you have a negative opinion on the team, the game, CR , but you don't have to echo it in every single topic, it's doesn't bring anything to the discussion whatsoever. Give the patch time, if it turn out to be none sense, then we will all find that out and if you guys have some actual link-able trustworthy info, proving this patch is not what it says it is, then share.
  • Star Citizen - Alpha 3.0 out to Evocati player testers

    Yes, cause they literally said everything listed in these notes are in.