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  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    gervaise1 said:

    SBFord said:

    You know, it's one thing that we "understand" we're being manipulated by microtransactions, but it's a whole 'nother ballgame when we see it so blatantly placed before our eyes in cold black and white. 

    Hopefully, this will turn the tide. I wonder what, if any, impact recent legal maneuvers overseas with regard to loot chest odds and so forth will have on this which obviously wasn't present in 2015?

    Of course, we also have to be careful in assuming they'll actually use the patented process. It's possible that things have progressed beyond its capabilities over 2 years after filing.

    The impact of overseas - as in not US - actions are "mainly" around how games are marketed to "younger" players.

    Now as is pointed out you its "impossible" to enforce this but it does influence how a game can be marketed, what sites can be used to advertise the game on etc. - which they can control.  Same deal for 3rd party retailers as well. And one thing that games need to thrive is publicity.

     And potentially there could be legal issues:   

    Prosecution: you should have stopped minors playing etc. etc.
    Defence: impossible, we had no way of knowing.
    Prosecution: you should have ensured you didn't pair an adult (with high disposable income!) with a minor (no disposable income of their own).
    Defence: impossible we had no way of knowing who was playing.
    Prosecution: Yes you said. You knew and accepted that there might be minors playing and went ahead anyway with promoting your loot crates. Prosecution rests. 

    Government Response: If you have no way of verifying the age of your customers, you may not offer any services or transactions that may include a minor.
    That's why adult sites use a simple check box or have you put in your birth date to verify age.  After all, who would lie about a thing like that?
  • Guy gets so annoyed at lazy Steam game that he clones it for free in 15min

    Steam: "These aren't the games you're looking for, move along... move along."

  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    I don't think I've ever seen a game in alpha that also had an NDA alpha at the same time.  Or a pre-alpha update test alpha.  They do like the layered approach.  I think they over-process stuff in this game.

    The department of redundancy department. :smile:
  • Questions submitted to UK government about loot boxes and gambling

    I don't really see what they can do to prevent this. Banning the boxes won't happen because it's such a big money maker for companies and at what point can they tell companies what micro-transactions their games can have. The most I can see happening is a warning and maybe a required ID or phone number for buying loot boxes. Honestly that doesn't seem out of the question either seeing as other countries like Korea require a social security number / ID / Phone number to play online games. 
    They could pass a law against it.  Game companies have to follow rules and regulation of local governments. Which is why some companies actually pull their games from some countries, because of regulations enacted.
    But think about the shit storm it will cause. Lets say they ban Overwatch in the UK. That would cause some crazy stir from either people trying to go play it with VPN's or Blizzard to make a separate client for that country. Then think about how angry people would be if a company of that size didn't want to deal with making a separate client, so they miss out on that game. If it was the US banning loot boxes, it would end up weird too because in some states gambling is legal in others it's illegal. So if some states passed laws saying games couldn't have loot boxes in your state the game would either have to base it off your state ID and either lock loot boxes or not based on that. But then other states would have free reign. Then what about places like reservations that don't abide by a majority of state laws. 

    It gets into a very messy situation. It would require a lot more hoops to jump through and I doubt companies would be willing to deal with that. But maybe that's a push in the right direction to getting loot boxes removed in general. But then we would get a hell of a lot more micro transaction DLC. I honestly like the loot box system in some games if it's entirely cosmetic because it allows them to release content free. Like Overwatch.
    I would be surprised if they actually banned loot boxes in games, but if they decided it falls under gambling it would be possible and companies would have to figure out a work around.  
  • The Evil Within 2: The Early Bits - Not So MMO - MMORPG.com

    It's been pretty great. Like ol' Silent Hill - https://www.gamespace.com/the-evil-within-2/review/

    Your link directs to the other site which directs to YouTube... tricksy tricksy. :)