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  • What's Coming in Kobolds & Catacombs - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft -

    Sadly to me even though it is supposed to be a fair system to gain packs, a decent competitive community and simple gameplay.. I feel it's a slog to just feel even a small amount stronger with your deck... The fact that classes for the most part need separate cards, makes progress slow for me. I only like certain classes for game play so far, Shaman is kinda weak and warrior isn't my style ever. I did spend money even. For some adventures and a few pack deals. Didin't seem to help improve my decks, and the adventures seem made too difficult or use more advanced mechanics for a newbie to the game to learn right away...

    Not to mention, I really enjoy Magic, and this kinda seems to pervert the format for the sake of becoming mainstream and earning Blizz a profit? I dunno, just seems gimmicky to me. :/

    I would kill for a modern update Magic Online client with tournaments and updated cards.. God the current one i archaic but I'm still getting the urge to download it again and try.. cause Magic has that special ingredient that makes it feel legit and worth fussing over, that quality that it isn't a waste of time that will likely vanish from the web shortly, ya now?

    Here's to hoping that new Magic inspired MMO being made is amazing and listens to it's feedback from players! :D
  • You ever asked yourself "what's the point?"?

    Yea, I can't even force myself to play certain games anymore, when bored or whatever. SWTOR made me lose some money on subs cause i got bored after a few days, and felt that starting a fresh character at lvl 1 was pointless.. and the story at 60, with the Eternal empire was weird I only made it lvl 65, doing the chapters..

    I am starting up my crafting/art business again though irl, and that has helped me rely less on video games to occupy my time. :)

    Art is a passion of mine, and I LOVE crocheting dolls that people ask from me. My next one will likely be a TV show character like invader zim, just need more supplies. :P
  • 'Shared-World RPG' Launches for the Masses with New Trailer - Secret World Legends News

    Noob here..

    How much download size of SWL new client?
    I been lazy i still have the minimal client.. But wanna say around 20 gigs, be aware really slow to download, like slower than my wifi allows, so i don't get it must be on FunCom's end..
  • Omg.. Loving SWL!

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    My biggest gripe so far is that you can't swing melee weapons when there are no targets in range and instead you get flooded with the on screen warning about it.

    There's a problem with that. Since there is no auto-attack or freebie attack they would use weapon resources meaning you could deplete your ability to execute weapon skill attacks through missing a hitbox. That would make survival and successful combat encounters magnitudes harder.
    My only complaint about the combat, and it's a minor one, is the ability queuing. Whenever I'm AOEing down a pack of mobs with my sword I always end up doing 1 or 2 extra swings after they're dead. It just looks silly but like I said, no biggie.
    Yup, but guess what? In setting under combat i believe, turn off ability queing.. I had to but i took a bit to find it, Chaos made me accidentally aoe too many enemies and caused un-necessary fights. xD
  • Omg.. Loving SWL!

    Realizer said:
     They story is fun, the combat is still quite stale, reminds me of Trove now. I'm playing it though, here's hoping the steam launch will also give them the edge they need to keep making improvements.  It will be up to them to sacrifice short term profit on skins and milking the cash shop. If they choose to keep improving the actual game play it will last the long haul. 
    I feel like they are trying pretty good to listen to feedback, and besides that exploit and not enough update on how really long it would be, they been quite good with the community. So i think it'll be around a long time now, maybe with a engine overhaul next, better optimization would be very cool. :)