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    Will the bosses finally get balanced or are they balanced around elitists running amok in ridiculous gear?
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    Gorwe said:

    WASD movement...if only!

    Why would they do wasd movement in an ARPG? Are there any that support it that have released?

    I really love GD, it feels like Titan Quest which was also a superb game. I'm glad they are continuing to support the title.

    Yes, there are. Victor Vran, van Helsing, upcoming Inquisitor Martyr(wouldn't be surprised if there were more)...

    There is NO reason not to have WASD in an aRPG besides regression and laziness. Blizzard being champion of those two(and awesome PR / marketing / CGI).

    edit: Point and click is simply atrociously awkward to me. Don't like it one bit.

    Gorwe said:
    Gorwe said:
    Does this game actually get interesting? Sure, the audiovisuals are breathtaking and the world building's amazing. Even the little stories are fun and interesting. BUT! The combat S.U.C.K.S. Really, it's one of the worst combat systems I ever saw. No impact, very spammy(this comes from someone who likes the likes of Arsenal Mercenary in SWTOR!), next to no sense of progression(yeah, thanks One Tamriel! I thought that we graduated this issue with Oblivion...guess not), too open zones...

    This is almost painful to play. Sure, visiting Hammerfell or Elsweyr or the like is always awesome, but...THAT COMBAT!

    It's more about the lack of direction than how open it is. I have nothing against big worlds provided you are guided through them. Now, the modern open world sandbox like design? /pass
    It's as guided or free-form as you want it to be.

    The main story arc will absolutely keep you moving forward if you choose to stick to that. If there's not a direct goal "at present", the Prophet will appear to you when there is, and say "Hey, we're ready to move forward, come meet with me at the Harborage". Otherwise other NPCs will do the same. There are quest markers on your compass, and on the world map. You can go into the Quest journal, select the desired quest, press 'M', and it'll show you where you need to go.

    Now, if you get easily sidetracked by other stuff? Well, understandable with how much the game offers you to do at any given time... but still, that comes down to self-control and focus, which is on the player, not the game.

    No matter how long I'm doing other stuff, once I've decided to hop back on the main questline, or a side quest-line, I've had every bit as much guidance as I could have wanted, or expected from another MMO (except maybe FFXIV; that game's rails are on rails).

    Or.... you can take a break from that, go off and work on other stuff and then return to it when ever you want.

    ESO is designed very much designed as a World. It seems you're more drawn to titles designed as Games. Nothing wrong with that. But, there is a difference between the two. I very much prefer ESO's approach over the linear, strictly guided approach.

    Yeah, I prefer games to be games. And entertaining in that aspect. I've no use of open world.

    edit: I don't necessarily like strictly guided experiences like Dark Messiah or Half Life. But they are MUCH BETTER / FUN to me than, say, Minecraft or Skyrim or GTA.

    Iselin said:
    bcbully said:
    ESO's progression is in character development. Skills, gear sets, champion points, endless combinations.
    On that note...

    I've been having a blast the past couple of days playing around with a couple of new sets from the Clockwork city - both proc sets. The magicka one procs a spinning fabricant that launches itself forward knocking everything it hits into the air, stunning them for a couple of seconds and doing damage. The stamina one procs a mini murder of 5 crows that attack the nearest enemy once every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

    Definitely not BIS but they're fun in dungeons.

    Making different builds for different purposes, checking out new gear and skills I haven't used much before (proximity detonation for example, is lots of fun in a crowd since it does more damage the more enemies that are around you. Handy anti-zerg skill) keeps me entertained even at max level.

    The game may not be even remotely a sandbox but the character building part is sandboxy as all hell. That's the fun part.

    Doesn't sound fun at all. /weird
  • Return of Reckoning

    Kyleran said:
    Not banned. 

    How would you know? I asked that because I received their newsletter some time ago.
    Scorchien said:
    DrunkWolf said:
    me and 2 friends just started it a few days ago. couldnt believe how many people where playing, maybe the lower tiers are just more active i dont know. but lots of people and insta pops on pvp ques.

    No.. there is basically only 3 Tiers now not 4 .. T4 and T 1  and Mid Tier so to say .. You can enter the lower Tier anytime you want and you are (bolstered) down ... Just one of the things that they have done to keep it fun for all

     Right now there are 430 players in T4 that is 17 WB ... If all players are in RvR .. Which they aren't but I would say 200 are ... and that's great ...

    I'll just let you know, so you are remembered, that I don't care about large scale crap. Even PvP is meh to me, but can be fun if rather small scale and you need to outwit / outsmart your enemy. That doesn't exist in large scale battles. You die -> rez -> die -> ... . It's pointless and boring. Do I need to remind you of Bright Wizard fusillade teams?

    Now, Warhammer Fantasy + PvE? Oh yes! And with a matching small scale PvP / SWTOR Heroic like quests to do for however long you like? OH YES!

    But no matter, WAR's none of those stuff. It's a huge Zerg oriented RvR thing.