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  • Lots of New Content Coming Fast - Grim Dawn - MMORPG.com

    Gorwe said:

    Gorwe said:

    WASD movement...if only!

    Why would they do wasd movement in an ARPG? Are there any that support it that have released?

    I really love GD, it feels like Titan Quest which was also a superb game. I'm glad they are continuing to support the title.

    Yes, there are. Victor Vran, van Helsing, upcoming Inquisitor Martyr(wouldn't be surprised if there were more)...

    There is NO reason not to have WASD in an aRPG besides regression and laziness. Blizzard being champion of those two(and awesome PR / marketing / CGI).

    edit: Point and click is simply atrociously awkward to me. Don't like it one bit.

    Van helsing supported WASD? I own all 3 and never even attempted to use that. I just feel like the genre is better fit for mouse control. I didn't reference Blizzard once, you brought that in. POE is probably the highest played ARPG and doesn't support WASD as well as having the least lazy dev team I've ever seen. As well as Torchlight, another really well made ARPG that didn't support WASD. 

    Doesn't matter. PoE and Torchlight have WHAT in common? They are as clear cut Diablo clones as it gets. Diablo 3 is less of a Diablo 2 successor than those.

    And, quite frankly, I've had it with overzealous nostalgia. Just because Diablo 2 had hold Mouse Button to move, doesn't mean MODERN games should have it.

    I am talking about WASD to move btw. You aim and attack with mouse and move with WASD. To me it's 10000000x more elegant solution than both movement and abilities sharing the same peripheral device.
  • Riot Celebrates Noobs By Telling Them to Enjoy the Hell Out of It - League of Legends Official Movie


    They celebrate NOOBS? Or Newbs?

    You know, there's a difference...
  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List - MMORPG.com

    Sovrath said:
    The lack of LOTRO is a little disconcerting...
    It's not. It's not a "greatest game". It is one of my top 3 mmo's but if someone asked me to write a piece on what I thought the top 3 "greatest mmorpg's" were I wouldn't include it. Sadly there is nothing great about it. Except its community.

    Not because I don't like it but because greatest must be more than "I like it".

    there are many things I don't like but I recognize their impact, their superb construction, how iconic they are and their impact.

    Greatest should encompass more than "favorite" if one is to speak about beyond my own nose.

    I would even go so far as to say the order doesn't matter. More the idea of the group.

    Someone could rebuke you rather easily. To some, it's not about some technical and / or objective reasons why something's good. To some, their personal enjoyment and fulfilment trumps any logical reason.

    Guess you chose rationality. ;)
  • Bungie to Remove Gauntlet that Resembles Hate Group Symbol - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    Tsiya said:
    So, this guy has free speech because I agree with him, and that other dude over there has free speech because I agree with him, but because that guy on the other side of the road doesn't agree with us he has to STFU and go home. I deplore the KKK and white supremacists, but you can't deny them their rights because you don't agree. The Constitution either works for all Americans or none.
    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
    EXACTLY! AMEN TO THAT! Glad to see some sense around here! <3
  • Bungie to Remove Gauntlet that Resembles Hate Group Symbol - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    First off, sorry for my passionate rant. I am just appalled by the complete lack of logic within these pseudo "Liberals". Now, onto matter at hand:

    1. They should've released it with Red Sleeves or something. Green Sleeves were a very bad idea.
    2. None at all. Recompense those that did have it with something. Et voila! It's their right to do as they wish with their product(even to run it into ground, as completely crazy that idea is.
    3. Them pissing off a part of their playerbase that is VERY LOUDMOUTHED(otherwise known as "crybabies"). I suspect that not modifying / removing it would have drastic consequences. These loudmouths can incite a riot and an outrage.
    4. They should just organise a livestream with an artist who is responsible for it and let community question him about the design process etc. Facts will solve this nonsense.
    5. The best way would be just to ignore it. But that'll leave a rather large dent on their sales and marketing and we can't have that, can we? Failing that, companies should just avoid these reminiscent combos. KEK on a green background is suggestive, truth be told. If it were any other background...devs should be smart enough to flatout avoid such fiascos. Failing even that, try to see what's what like in point 4. If even that fails, they should just flatout admit the mistake and correct it.