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  • Elder Scrolls Online - The Conundrum of Balance - MMORPG.com

    Pick your poison:

    -> Imbalanced game where there are super useful and useless things
    -> Super balanced game where everything feels the same

    Good luck in choosing!
  • Balance patch 9.1 Review and Thoughts - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Video Podcast

    Thupli said:

    Yeah, a TCG where you spent tons of money on a good card only to have it nerfed? Yeah, I will never play/pay that type of game.

    It's a bit harder to balance the game from which that water droplet came. Mostly due to medium. Otherwise, wouldn't you want to see Jace: The Mind Sculptor reworked(and necessarily nerfed) so he isn't a permabanned card? What's a permabanned card worth anyhow? You know... ;) (much bigger problem is how Blizz develops / tests Hearthstone...quite unlike Wizards which have 1 set in advance rule{afaik they're currently working on 2018's Dominaria set ; Ixalan's already finished, it's just about release dates and finishing touches}...Blizzard does it too reactionary / kneejerkedly. Remember the Warsong Commander mega nerf?)
  • Cyberpunk 2077

    What would I give for the opportunity to see CdProjekt's take on Shadowrun or Warhammer Fantasy. Just imagine that...
  • Best outer space game?

    Depends on what you're looking for:

    1. EvE Online
    2. Starfleet Command 3
    3. Darkstar One
    4. Freelancer / Privateer
    5. Elite: Dangerous
  • Guild Wars 2 - What Class to Play? - MMORPG.com

    Gorwe said:

    If only GW 2 were just a tiny bit less silly(more of Prophecies / Nightfall, less of Eye tyvm!) and there was just a tiny modicum more reason to play(it feels pointless and quite childlike to me)...I mean combat wise, the game's quite fun and it has a LOT of potential...it's just pointless open world + childlike crap buries it all.

    I think it's the colorful UI and environments that give it a less weighty vibe.

    I enjoyed the darker atmosphere of, say, WAR, but I enjoy the focus on open world content, and I don't mind the lighter atmosphere of GW2's environments and UI.

    Well, the three things I don't like are:

    -> Ultra silly story(really, the antagonist is so forgettable that even Alduin leaves a better impression lol! With that said, can we please not cast animals and such as main antagonists?)
    -> Dialogue screen(yeah, that thing's HORRIBLE, beyond horrible even)
    -> Open World(there's something off putting about EVERYTHING being optional...almost like when everything's optional nothing's really important. It's...weird. Like nothing you do ever matters. Compound that with bad story and...yeah, no reason to play anymore)

    Extra mention: Water color-like colors. I really don't like how childlike it looks. It's more of a compounding effect than by itself. If it didn't have "...happily ever after" crapshoot story, I wouldn't probably notice it.

    But the combat, the customization, the dye system etc...A LOT of good things, but it all feels meaningless due to that evil triumvirate up there. It could be me and my affinity for Dark Fantasy and Guild Wars 1(I can directly compare them and I did many times...GW 2 doesn't stack well outside of some gameplay elements). Who knows?