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  • New Brad McQuiad Interview "I want to make Worlds. Not games."

    DMKano said:
    goboygo said:

    How does this benefit the gamer if we keep getting crap games that still survive.  It doesn't.   If the game isn't good enough to warrant an upfront cost and a sub, it should fail and go away.  The next developer will then know they have to do better or don't bother.  I'd rather have one amazing MMO every 5 to 10 years than 20 pieces of shit every year.

    You are under the mistaken assumption that anyone is looking for gamer's benefit. That's not how business works.

    Who makes the product - that's who is benefiting - in the case - the question should be - "how does this benefit the game companies" - as that's the only question the game companies are asking, "the benefit for the gamer" - that's never brought up, because it's not their concern.

    The focus is - "how do we get the consumers to spend money on our product" - that's the bottom line of any business.

    Again - you are looking at this from the gamer's perspective - why? Because gamers are not the ones that run game companies - so your wants and needs of "wanting to have most games shut down and only few survive" - why would any business do this? 

    It would be like going to  movie companies and telling them to only make a few great movies and skip 100s of mediocre movies - should the movie industry listen to an outsider who has no investment, and no direct input in making any movies?

    Get real - your needs are completely irrelevant to the industry as whole.

    Movies just like games are made to make money - that's what drives the whole industry.

    Would it be nice to only have awesome quality product - yes it would be - is this in any way shape or form realistic - nope, so why even go there?

    How come you get away with using " your " instead of " you're " ? 

    Maybe because everything else I spell is wrong ?.... Only kidding, I don't care :) 
    Possibly because his 'your' was correctly used.
  • Next Pantheon Stream this Friday

    The video was nice, with a few caveats.
    • The presenting system seemed to have the local contrast and gamma set a bit too high.  This made some of the effects, like the beech tree in the sunlight wash out, and the glowing monolith seem too bright.  I can't tell if that was an issue of the presenting system (and graphics card) or something in the underlying code.  Either way, the images caused too much eye strain to play for a long duration.   My eyes are not the best, but I had to look away.
    • Stylistically, I thought that all of streaming images were exceptional.  But I don't know that the 'older' screenshots weren't more 'playable'.  VR is definitely going for a photo-realistic world, and they are coming along nicely with that.
    • The performance on the presentation screen was good, but what happens when the game is seen on a 'lesser' graphics card.  Typically, the way to improve performance on older cards is to turn features off.  I don't know that I would have been able to play with the shadows turned down.  It begs me ask if the player needs to turn down one of the graphics features for performance issues, will the game be acceptable to look at?  My gut feeling at this stage is that anyone without bleeding-edge hardware need not apply.  Minimal system performance seems to be something else on the pile of 'things to do'.
    • I liked the appearance of the water, but it seemed more incomplete than anything the video contained.  The rippling effects were very nice, but are these going to tie into the weather? Ripples and clouds should move in the same direction.  Where are the waves, both blown by wind and created by contact with solid objects (piers, plants, support posts and people)?  If VR is going for a photo-realistic world, the current water would seem very out of place, not so much with the look, but with the performance.  Weather seems to be important to Pantheon, and there's nothing that interacts with water more than the weather.  I'd love to see what they choose to do about wind and rain effects on the water.  And what about some love for moving water as opposed to a still pond?
    Visually, the game is improving to make a much more photo-realistic world than we have had at our disposal previously.  The issues I pointed out here seem very 'fixable' (as long as the developers are aware of these issues.  Fortunately, I just pointed them out).

    Now, let's work on losing the archaic models for a snake that moves as much sideways as it does forwards and the hovering, flapping bat.  Neither seems to match the goal of photo-realistic.

    Progress, yes, but a long, long way to go.  I'm guessing at least 30 man-years more work on the graphics alone.  Time to staff up even more.
  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

    cheyane said:
    Sovrath said:
    Eldurian said:
    dave6660 said:
    Sovrath said:
    Keep religion and politics out of mmos. We would have more civil wars than we have now.
    I would let keep individual things (politics, sexuality, religion) to oneself, not to demonstrate.
    I think fantasy "made up" religions are fine. And could even drive game play.
    I would love to be at the meeting where it is decided which religions are "real" and which are "made up".

    Which category does this fall under?

    Church of the Fonz is a very respectable religion and I highly endorse it.
    Yes a church I can totally worship.
    There tithes are ridiculous, though.  Where'd they come up with 78.14 %, anyway?
  • Ex-WoW Dev Stephan Frost Lands at Nexon to Work on Unannounced Project - General News

    A brand new MMORPG project?   Note to self: Check in again in four or five years.
  • What is a Living Breathing World MMO? Any examples of one of these MMOs talked about here?

    Mendel said:
    Torval said:
    Torval said:

    What you seems to be vigorously sidestepping and avoiding is that any game system implementation can be tedious or fun. 
    I would love to see how you can make a have-to-go-to-toilet-every-5-min system in a MMO or RPG fun.

    Until then, i will only enjoy that "activity" in real life. 

    If you have to poo every 5 minutes then you should see a doctor. How do you even have time to game?
    But then, it would explain at LOT... B)
    Does this mean that he's found a way to relieve himself via these forums?  I'm all for evolution, but even I'm not ready to deal with that!
    Possibly he has nothing else to do while sitting on the "throne" than to post on forums using some laptop or tablet ;)
    I really hope you're right.  I may have nightmares otherwise.