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  • Grab a Steam Link for Just a Buck! - News

    Forgrimm said:

    Hmmm, no catch? I'm suspicious.

    Its not a good product.

    I have it + steam controller - how often do I use it?


    It just has too many issues - via wifi it is nearly useless, wired it works well with a handful of titles.

    Most of the time , the input lag makes it unplayable, there are annoying no audio issues, or where it fails to connect for unexplained reasons when it worked previously.

    Its buggy to the point where its simply too frustrating to use.

    The other 3 people I know have had the exact same issues - none are using steam link anymore.

    Its sadly a waste of $9 (1+ 8 for shipping)
  • One company to bind them all . . .

    Brook's Law:

    "Brooks' law is an observation about software project management according to which "adding human resources to a late software project makes it later".It was coined by Fred Brooks in his 1975 book The Mythical Man-Month. According to Brooks, there is an incremental person who, when added to a project, makes it take more, not less time. This is similar to the general law of diminishing returns in economics."'s_law

    MMO games fall into this perfectly - throwing more bodies at the project as OP described above - would lead to a disaster.

    Another favorite phrase that sums this up is:

    9 women can't make a baby in a month.

  • I hate you EA

    Rhoklaw said:
    Just when we needed a new Star Wars game in our lives, you go and shut down Visceral Games? :neutral:

    I certainly dont need anything Star Wars in my life.

    I am a minority here but I am really tired of Star Wars, I think its just old and tired and played out.

    SWG was good before NGE and thats it. I enjoy the memory and have moved on.

    For some reason people are holding the entire star wars franchise on this sacred pedestal, when IMO there were 2 good movies at best and the rest were mediocre to poop.

    So chances are EA saw that the game was a stinker too and pulled the plug.
  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    SBFord said:
    You know, it's one thing that we "understand" we're being manipulated by microtransactions, but it's a whole 'nother ballgame when we see it so blatantly placed before our eyes in cold black and white. 

    Hopefully, this will turn the tide. I wonder what, if any, impact recent legal maneuvers overseas with regard to loot chest odds and so forth will have on this which obviously wasn't present in 2015?

    Of course, we also have to be careful in assuming they'll actually use the patented process. It's possible that things have progressed beyond its capabilities over 2 years after filing.

    It won't change anything - because people have become completely numb and even if they get alarmed - what do people do? Make some angry posts on social media - and in a few days - zero action and back to normal, and all is forgotten.

    It seems that we've become a fatalist and apathetic society - completely unwilling to do anything beyond our immediate self-serving interest.

  • Guy gets so annoyed at lazy Steam game that he clones it for free in 15min

    MadFrenchie said: hi
    Valve quit curating their platform for any level of quality, no matter how basic, a long time ago.

    I don't buy any game from Steam that I don't find elsewhere first.  Searching through Steam's library for a new game is useless these days.

    I haven't bought a game from steam directly in over 5 years for this reason.

    The number of absolute shite "games" on steam is atrocious.

    Until Steam steps in and flushes down all the poo products - they will never see another $ from me