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  • Global Version Opens Through Game & Game - Record of Lodoss War Online -

    Sovrath said:

    Dakeru said:

    Sovrath said:

    I started watching the series but there is some real weirdness in the 2nd half of each episode.

    It's as if they have "kiddie" versions of all the characters and it's very over the top as they retell the story in a sort of "recap".

    The Anime also differs from the Manga.
    The Anime is kind of forced into a standard fantasy story.

    It's just so weird. The episode is all this:

    and then (not a half but the end) the ending is this odd completely different tone thing:

    I thought my head broke the first it happened.

    And now what you have all been waiting for, THE SECOND PART!!! lol
  • D3 or Grim Dawn ?

    I would go with GD or POE if I were you because of the crazy amount of builds and such. Also in games like this "IMO" it's about the types of builds you make and whether or not they work well to complete the same goal as others. The cool part is to me that you can fail if you aren't careful in your choices.
  • Targeting a Demographic & Making the Best Damn Game for Them - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

    Sovrath said:

    Gdemami said:

    Sovrath said:

    You have to evaluate something on how well it achieves its goals, how good it is compared to other similar examples.

    And that was my point - people make any game a 'niche', instead of realistically comparing it to other similar games.

    Pantheon isn't a niche game, it is just a game with unpopular feature set and for that very same reason will follow destiny of all the previous failed attempts for 'oldschool' MMO remake...

    But it is a niche game as its feature set appeals to a small segment of the mmorpg population. That's what "niche" means in this case.

    AS far as "previously failed attempts", did they fail because of their features sets or because they were implemented poorly? Because I have to say that latter seems to be the case.

    The only one I can think of made lately was Vanguard and it failed for completely different reasons like releasing a year early for instance.
  • The many lessons of Agnarr

    Gdemami said:
    Distopia said:
    That said in a scenario where it's designed to appeal to a certain subset rather than a audience as a whole, couldn't it be successful, if it manages to capture it's intended target audience? 
    .,.intended audience of Pantheon is WoW audience, clearly demonstrated by EQ example.

    You are running in circles.
    No it's not, how is WoW today like EQ of old besides the ways most MMO's are like each other? Also Pantheon devs. have said what audience they are going for and let me tell ya it wasn't WoW. They are going for old school EQ, FFXI and Vanguard fans.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Goodbye Ishgard, Hello Stormblood -

    Hengist said:

    Yes they did change fates and many other things as well. The game has sold 6mil + world wide not 10. I would like to see your source for that 500k figure as well. 

    I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but I suspect the answer came from FFXIV Census:
    Oh, I see well SE says 6mil + at the end of the trailers so until I hear real numbers from SE them selves everything is speculation. Not to mention it says this at the top of the census:  Any reference to "Active" players, refers to players who have claimed the 3.3 story minion. That leaves out a lot of people I would wager.