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  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List -

    Sovrath said:

    Gorwe said:

    Here's my list, based on quality of product, its impact on genre and it fitting the genre:

    1. World of Warcraft

    2. Everquest

    3. EvE

    4. Ultima Online

    5. Final Fantasy XI

    6. LoTR:O

    7. Elder Scrolls Online

    8. Dark Age of Camelot

    9. Guild Wars(any)

    10. Final Fantasy XIV / or SWTOR(if one entry / franchise)

    I wouldn't put Lord of the Rings because it doesn't do much different than world of warcraft except with a lord of the rings setting.

    And world of Warcraft does it better.

    As as I've said, I played Lord of the Rings OVER World of Warcraft.

    Now, I'm not talking about "preference" but the idea of "the greatest" mmorpg's.

    WoW, EQ, UO, DAoC and GW are the ones on that list that I'd credit with having major impacts. Hence the ones being wildly successful and/or spawning a number of clones in their wake. FFXI was never a major hit. It was way too grindy for that, and didn't bring anything all that unique to the table.

    SWTOR probably helped push the "story driven MMO" revolution, far more than ESO did, which came a good deal later. And FFXIV and LotR:O are soundly in the WoW clones category, just with a better emphasis on story (although WoW upped their game there too if I'm not mistaken). It's very much a personal preference list over an objective one IMO.
    No XI was a hit at 500k playing the game at it's peak. The job system was unique, the calendar system and how it affected crafting also unique. Also dynamic events like gw2 and rift had were done on XI years before and it started with besieged. There are more as well. 
  • Whole story?

    Lerxst said:
    Looking over the forum posts, it's like I started reading a book form the middle of the story.

    I played this game a few years ago while it was in one of the alpha stages- long enough tot turn into a cow, cure myself from being a cow and win the favor of several NPCs. There wasn't much content after that, so I stopped.

    Now, it looks like this site is saying the game is complete and released, and forum posts are going back and forth with various stories and opinions of the game. 

    So what has actually happened with this game?? Is ti still being developed? Has it been largely added to and improved since 2013(ish)? Is it still free, or now a charge since it's "released"?
    Yes lots more content has been added since 2013. In the last couple of year this has been added:
    New Website and Forums;Multiple new zones;  A completely new tutorial experience;  Dozens of new skills; Increased skill levels;  Complete overhaul of the power system;  Complete overhaul of equipment bonuses; New Animal Forms;  New Animal items;  Created and implemented an Animal Town;  Created new quest systems;  Created New NPCS;  Added Guilds;  Added Guild Missions;  Added Player Vendors;  Added dispensers;  Added Work Orders;  Added the ability to drown;  Updated many game systems and functions;  Implemented and Updated the in-game day/night cycle.And much more is on the way as they update the game often. It is also still free until early access steam launch. After that its b2p with optional sub.
  • "The Pantheon Difference" (from the official Pantheon website)

    Distopia said:
    svann said:

     The entire journey should be fun not just the end game, and from what I hear Pantheon is aiming for that.  So because the entire game is fun (beginning, middle and end) it should be just as fun to start a new character since he doesnt necessarily have to get to end game to have fun.
    I also wanted to hit on a separate matter here. The expectation of it all being worthwhile and engaging, I don't expect that, I really don't think anyone should. At best by nature of the model there are going to be at least slightly generic grindy bits, that are usually best experienced only once. That's the very nature of progression in these games. Not to mention the damn near impossible feat of offering hundreds of hours of compelling content.  
    This is true but I will say with multiple factions (as Pantheon will have) it can help for a new beginner experience. As you start in other zones with some different quests, even story lines and lore and such.
  • "The Pantheon Difference" (from the official Pantheon website)

    Distopia said:
    Distopia said:
    Just wanted to respectfully disagree about alt friendly meaning fast and easy lvling to end game. To me this just means you can easily make multiple characters with little to no restrictions and play through as you wish. Also a solo friendly game doesn't make it not old school as EQ wasn't the only old school design for MMO's.
    I have to disagree with that as there's no real point in making alts if it's a long/hard process to level just one toon, not in a progression based design anyway.. As you'd never truly get anywhere on any of them if you keep starting over. Unless we're talking over years and years of playing (which isn't alt friendly by any means as most won't play that long to begin with). Most alt friendly designs simply mean it isn't a long tedious slog to get through the leveling process with lots of vertical progression, nothing else really makes logical sense. GW1 is an alt friendly design, ESO as released was not ( if you planned on maxing out the end level points grind). 

    Pantheon and games of this sort are all about Progression, content will be gated behind progression be it level based or gear based. What's the point in having a bunch of toons that can't do anything because you're spending a bunch of time moving from toon to toon? Alt friendly implies the normal everyday player can get somewhere with multiple toons, not just those who play 22 hours a day.

    I see what you mean and will concede that point as you have laid it out very well there. When I think about the Progeny system will make it even less alt. friendly. 
    Yep when the chief component of a game is constant progression, which I'm sure will be an ongoing thing in Pantheon's future updates, it simply hurts the viability of alts for the average player. That's something for the dedicated hardcore crowd in such a game. Everyone else will be having a hard enough time progressing one character through such systems. 

    I will admit that is why I loved classless systems like AC and FFXI's all classes on one character approach. Not that I am asking for that here as VR has already ruled those ideas out.
  • Patch 4.05 Preview: The Lost Canals of Uznair - Final Fantasy XIV -

    I look forward to this new Aquapolis and the new mechanics that go a long with it. Players really like this content so it's good that they will build on it and make it better going forward. Speaking of looking forward the Forbidden Land Eureka will be coming out in a couple of months or so. I really want to see how this new content works out for upgrading relic weapons and see if they add relic armor to do as well. As for having a new gear grind every 6 months well it all comes down to preference. Some folks think half a year with a set of gear is plenty of time and some don't.