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  • Trion CEO Scott Hartsman Takes to Reddit Regarding Orphiel's Mount Crate - Rift -

    hehehe, imagine that in RL.

    you go to a store and wanna buy a flat screen. now the vendor tell you he has 4 boxes here.... and you have to chose.

    ONE of them, has the TV... the others? not so much :) gl!
  • Is Blizzard's hearthstone the next controversy for cash shop gambling?

    Blizzard's hearthstone is almost exactly like EA's loot boxes. In hearthstone, you pay for a pack of cards...and you never know what cards you are going to get. You can't pay for certain cards, and the person who pays the most will have a far superior deck. In fact, its a VERY pay to win game. However, ignoring the pay to win of the game...blizzard's hearthstone is no different than the loot boxes for EA's battlefront 2

    However, there is one difference. Everyone hates EA so it gets dog piled one is upset about blizzard's hearthstone that pretty much does the same thing? You can't even earn cards while you play hearthstone, nothing people pay for can be earned in-game.

    Will Blizzard's hearthstone be next for controversial subject on cash shop gambling? So far blizzard has skated on by avoiding controversy...but in many ways their hearthstone game is far worse than EA's battlefront 2 loot boxes. But both are just as bad, as far as online gambling goes.

    What are your guys's thoughts?
    they are nothing alike. blizz is selling cosmectic items.
  • Revelation Online - A Peek at the Shadowblade Update - Sponsored -

    DMKano said:

    Warlyx said:

    Change Your Class On the Fly

    You’ve been asking, and and Netease heard you... players can now change their class on the fly, meaning they never have to wind up a new character or start over the main quest each time they want an alt. Need a change of pace on the battlefield? Find a safe place and change your class & equipment to explore a completely different path.

    what? Oo

    That would be the Skyforge mechanic. The ability to level and switch classes on the same character.

    Many games like Rift, Trove and others have allowed this before Skyforge.

    that one week trove released earlier, not sure that counts as "before"
  • Plains of Eidolon - First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Warframe Videos -

    Wizardry said:

    Man alive,that movement alone is enough to keep me away.

    3 player instant map ,no thanks,so much for open world.

    That map where everything looked blue,was real bad,like some amateur mapping with one color lighting.

    Looks to me like some new young kids working on this game,with goofy ideas like that movement.

    lol, actually, that is what the world looks like when light gets low.
    something you might not now from your main stream mmos, who are all in pretty flashy lights (even at bloody nights).

    also, those maps are for 4 players, since that is the normal team size in warframe, unless you raid, and quite frankly, what made you think we wanted to wait 2 hours for a mob spawn, to then get it camped by some max lvl?! this ain't no mmo, it's an open zoned map. learn the difference.

    if you don't wanna play it, fine, no one forces you and it doesn't sound like your hate is in a good place among the tenno anyway, we only hate grineers. they are smelly!
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  • Amazon Leaks New Tie-In Novel, Red-Shirt Guy Ponders Playable Sub-Races - World of Warcraft - MMORPG

    undead subrace: gobo UDs! or maybe taurend UDs :P