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  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    laserit said:
    SBFord said:
    laserit said:
    Torval said:

     People just don't care about right and wrong anymore and I find that sad.
    Starts at the top and works its way down.
    Blizzard consistently shows its attention to "caring" with millions donated to charitable causes on a yearly basis -- and those are just the initiatives that we know about.

    That aside, it isn't good business to "care" -- a hyperbolic word used in regard to financial ventures, to say the least -- about a project that isn't financially worth the investment. The job of any business is to make money for themselves and their investors. If they could make enough to offset the cost of hosting and updating for vanilla servers, they would without one single doubt.
    My comment pertains to NA society, @Torval is correct. 

    I have no criticism towards Blizzard on this topic.

    Interestingly enough, I'm in the opening round of defending one of my trademarks I've held for over twenty five years against a big US corporation who wants to use it for one of their new products that doesn't have an overlap against mine. My opening response is constructive, I'm worried they're going to try steal it through muscle and attrition.

    We'll see how the negotiations go. 

    I don't have a lot of empathy towards Big Corps. With they're $muscle$ they can and do steal IP's.

    That's bad I mean I hope they don't try to steal it from you but I seriously wouldn't put it past them to do exactly that.
  • New Brad McQuiad Interview "I want to make Worlds. Not games."

    DMKano said:
    goboygo said:

    How does this benefit the gamer if we keep getting crap games that still survive.  It doesn't.   If the game isn't good enough to warrant an upfront cost and a sub, it should fail and go away.  The next developer will then know they have to do better or don't bother.  I'd rather have one amazing MMO every 5 to 10 years than 20 pieces of shit every year.

    You are under the mistaken assumption that anyone is looking for gamer's benefit. That's not how business works.

    Who makes the product - that's who is benefiting - in the case - the question should be - "how does this benefit the game companies" - as that's the only question the game companies are asking, "the benefit for the gamer" - that's never brought up, because it's not their concern.

    The focus is - "how do we get the consumers to spend money on our product" - that's the bottom line of any business.

    Again - you are looking at this from the gamer's perspective - why? Because gamers are not the ones that run game companies - so your wants and needs of "wanting to have most games shut down and only few survive" - why would any business do this? 

    It would be like going to  movie companies and telling them to only make a few great movies and skip 100s of mediocre movies - should the movie industry listen to an outsider who has no investment, and no direct input in making any movies?

    Get real - your needs are completely irrelevant to the industry as whole.

    Movies just like games are made to make money - that's what drives the whole industry.

    Would it be nice to only have awesome quality product - yes it would be - is this in any way shape or form realistic - nope, so why even go there?

    How come you get away with using " your " instead of " you're " ? 

    Maybe because everything else I spell is wrong ?.... Only kidding, I don't care :) 

    Now I understand the problem, you really thought that 'your' and 'you're' are the same.

    Your is a possessive pronoun  for example.... your car, your wife and so on.

    You're is a contraction for you are. It is when two words are made into one word.  You are an idiot can be written as you're an idiot.
  • Blizzard Lowers the Boom on AFKers - Heroes of the Storm -

    WTG Blizzard love this . I like how they studied the performance data then banned them. "Consistent lack of contribution" in other words leeches or farmers.
  • Almost Half a Million Sold with 85,000 Concurrent Players - Divinity Original Sin 2 -

    Pfft England is no longer part of Europe.
  • Everything You Need to Know Features-wise for Thursday's Release - Divinity Original Sin 2 Videos -

    I too loved the element and status effects because if I was not careful I get wiped. It made for an interesting game and one of my characters crafted and carried a gazzilion arrows of every type.