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  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    How come men's body parts don't get so emphasized in games?
  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    Does it have to be real to have value. Bitcoin ?
  • Kakao Thanks Its Community for Two Years of Epic Adventures - Black Desert Online -

    I think if the head was bigger it would look off though. It's the right size in  my opinion. Muscular people always have small heads because their body is built up more than the normal person's body.
  • Hawaiian Legislators Call EA Loot Boxes a 'Predatory Practice' - Star Wars: Battlefront II - MMORPG.

    kitarad said:
    It's one thing to run a dungeon and at the boss when loot drops you roll and it is also RNG but when you lose after playing through a dungeon it is never the same as losing when you buy with real money a loot box and then you open it and get a random item hoping each time you purchase the box you're going to get the weapon you want. In the former case it is part of  playing the game and the latter case it is the developers playing you.

    Games are a matter of chance while that is true comparing the chance of buying loot boxes to rolling for gear from a boss is clearly not even the same thing and trying to say it is is disingenuous.
    Incorrect.  If you pay for a game (be it single purchase, monthly sub, dlc,etc) and you do not get the same value of randomized loot as someone else, then the only thing that determines if this is gambling or not is whether the items have value. If they do, it is gambling. If they dont, it is not. That is how gambling is defined, almost universally, worldwide.

    This is why no developer/publisher ever takes the gambling debate seriously.  This is also why they allow it to continue to come up... because as long as the debate is about gambling (which they know is incorrect) it prevents actual discussion about the things that are actually wrong about lootboxes, that can force them to change business practices.

    P.S. You do realize that if lootboxes were gambling, everyone who ever bought one would be a criminal.
    My post has been taken to mean I was talking in legal terms. The post was in answer to @Torval when he likened loot boxes to playing a game.

    Naturally I will not presume to know the laws in USA regarding gambling and by the way the laws in Malaysia are different since we have only one legal casino in the whole country. The country also has a history of people practising all sorts of pyramid schemes that are rooted in their culture like kutu  among the Malays and the Chinese love to gamble Mahjong being a huge favourite but that is another story.

    What I was trying to distinguish which I may have better been served by quoting Torval was that RNG when you roll for loot is not the same as opening a loot box . 

    You should not also forget that while the loot boxes may not fall under the legal definition of gambling and I presume companies like Blizzard and EA must have an army of lawyers who are well versed in the gambling laws that does not prevent the public from forming their own opinion about what gambling is in layman's terms . Now in this public opinion may well dictate what is the outcome of the continued use of loot boxes in games in which children may play. It does not matter that you will not succeed in suing them for practising gambling when the public outcry ultimately drowns those considerations.

    Right now it is the court of public opinion that is holding the fort.
  • Titan Quest - THQ Nordic Announces Expansion Called Ragnarok - News

    Waiting for this to come on GoG next week since my tenth anniversary copy is there too.